RP in the wrong place

| Friday, August 28, 2009
Out of boredom I dug up the dwarf paladin I'd made for stalking Iapetes (my long-lost fellow poster). After killing Hogger I felt brave and ventured forth to Westfall. It was there that I started to role-play my paladin. This is not a RP server, it's a PvP server.

I was met with silence by a warlock who I'd advised to be careful when consorting with demons in response to her thanks for a blessing.
I expressed delight at meeting a gnome, for he wasn't so tall as the humans; he was confused.

I don't remember how, but somehow I ended up telling someone that it would be a bad idea to work with demons in exchange for the head and message of the Defias Messenger. The previous gnome responded uh, crudely. My response seemed to trigger the RP in a paladin in the zone and we proceeded to spend the next 5-10 minutes attempting to teach him the wisdom of the Light, with no success.

Finally being high enough to run instances, I joined LFG for Deadmines. Who should I see but the paladin from Westfall. I ask if they need anyone to bash skulls or have his skull bashed; also known as DPS or tanking. They did and we proceeded to spend the next half hour or more RPing in party chat while looking for more people. The draenei who seemed to be a RL friend was not amused, so we had to tiptoe around his constant crude language; with my character eventually concluding that the Draenei were demons in more than appearance, due to their foul tongues and apparent insanity as evidenced by constant references to people who were not there and some mythical creatures which he called Jews.

Unfortunately we never got a full group and I logged out because I was getting sleepy. Still, it was fun to run around whacking boars and RPing. At one point we debated the honesty of recruiting people with claims of powerful items. Maybe I'll see the paladin again (I did add to my friends list), but if not, it was still fun. I think I'll try more RP in the future, preferably in the wrong place.


Stabs said...

Ha ha, yes roleplaying at random people is great fun. We used to do it as larpers sometimes, just walk up in costume and start speaking in character to some random person on the street. Had some very entertaining moments and some very confused little old ladies.

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