A curse upon the non-looters!

| Sunday, August 2, 2009
You know how normal people see sparklies and go "ooh shiny sparklies I wonder what that is?" Okay actually we don't. We stopped doing that because we learned that sparklies mean gold and other good stuff. We learned to click on the sparkly things.

Sadly, some people do not understand the sparklies. They seem to be afraid of them. They do not click and loot corpses.

The result is that I can't skin them and that makes my warlock unhappy.

In semi-related warlock news, a long while back I won Headmaster's Charge. Someone in Ironforge then yelled at me and said I was a ninja. Quite random. Anyway, my DK went into Scholomance yesterday since I felt it was fitting that he should grind Argent Dawn rep. Well, his first kill; up pops the achievement and as I loot I start laughing: Headmaster's Charge. If only DKs could use it, it looks so cool.


Stabs said...

Ah, that staff rocked, I had that on my Priest. Sometimes puzzled mages would ask why their Int was so high.

I'd reply if your Intelligence is that high you should be able to figure it out.

Good times!

Dorgol said...

I have seen Headmaster's drop once. I was on my Warlock, but had considerably better. There was a Priest or Mage in the group, though, that could really use it.

Instead, a Paladin took it and hearthed. I can almost understand a ninja loot even if it's gear you can USE... but to take something you can't even equip? That's just out-and-out douchebaggery.

G-Rebel said...

Once upon a time a DK asked me to help clear a town of Orcs near Shattrath because he/she kept dying. I had remembered this sweet little hideaway and couldn't figure out why this DK kept dying.

When I got there I saw the DK run into the middle of town pulling aggro from about 6-7 at a time then randomly running from left to right, up hills and down until...death! The best part about it was that even after we made it through and killed everyone there, the DK had not looted one corpse.

Some things just "make you go hmmm".

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