Loot is temporary

| Tuesday, August 18, 2009
This post has a three-part inspiration. First is common sense and experience (if I put an and without a comma they count as one thing); 99.99% of loot I've ever had has been replaced, with the sole exception of what I am currently wearing. Second is this recent post by Shy: Loot Idiotics. Finally there was a recent incident in BRD.

As with many stories of loot idiotics, it involves a hunter.

There we (I'm the feral druid tanking it) are in BRD (yesterday), fighting our way along. The rogue left, not sure why, but I was glad because he was a jerk. You know the type, elitist who thinks that because he's in a raiding guild it means he's perfect. Oh, and he absolutely refused to assist me; as in I asked him to and he outright said no. Then he bashed my gear.

The bartender dies and oh, it's a glorious day to be a druid, Mixologist's Tunic drops. The hunter outrolled me. Okay. Stay calm. Sure it's leather and not mail and would have been a pretty big upgrade, but who knows, maybe he was wearing mail of the whale. Turns out he was wearing leather, same agility, slightly less stam, in other words, pretty small gain. He left before I had a chance to call him out on it.


This morning I run again. It starts out poorly because the leader assumes that one of the druids or the paladin will heal. I guess he doesn't understand what the little symbols in LFG mean. Eventually we found a druid healer, after the dumb leader left. The run was going well, all the way p to the bar. It kept going well there too. The chest drops. Woo!

Wait. Let's back up a few bosses.

The hunter got the mail chest with agi/str/stam off the boss before the golem boss. The guy who calls for help and then reservists come and gank healers who stand in the wrong spot. In other words, the hunter used my stolen chest for about one day. Talk about temporary.

Chest drops, woo! Right? Let's back up a few hours.

There's my paladin in Dalaran, seeing what she can get with badges. Not much yet. I guess 7 is below the minimum cost of triumph toys. I can't decide on anything for conquest badges either, though I have enough to buy one of anything, or maybe two cheap items. Anything new for valor or heroic? Not really. Aha, I'll get the leather AP chest for my hunter, rogue, and druid and shaman when they're specced for it. I downgraded 20 valor and spent the last of my heroism and voila. My shaman enchanted it and I was ready to go.

In other words, if I'd gotten the chest instead of the hunter, it would have also lasted about a day.

We greeded, the resto druid won it. Now some vendor is probably wearing it, hoping someone will sell an upgrade to him.

In the next couple days I'll be back to my series on the balance between games and worlds, talking about my favorite instance: Blackrock Depths.


Anonymous said...

You are clearly a practitioner of the art of loot zen. Although I don't *think* I'm a loot-hungry loon and I'm happy to concede pieces to others if it's a big upgrade for them rather than a small one for me ... there's something about other people not behaving sensibly or honourably with loot that makes me go crazy. It's kind of loot fever in reverse, or something.

Fairly recently I was PUGing somewhere or other than one of DK DPS needed (and won, why do they always win??) on a really good tank ring, which would have been perfect for the slightly under-geared tank.

I try to avoid loot drama but ... gah! Even thinking about it now I am full of rage at the pettiness of people.

On a happy note, hurrah for BRD! Everyone should at some point in their WoW lives die humiliatingly after inadvertently aggro-ing an entire bar-ful of dorfs. I look forward to your post :)

Klepsacovic said...

I wish! Alas, I can only state the temporary nature of loot as a fact rather than as a feeling.

For me the killer in BRD was always the patrols along the Dark Iron Highway. You could end up with three groups no problem, more if you have a runner.

Vanessa said...

Very nice example here.

I still wonder where some hunters get the idea that they need strength o_O

Thanks for the link back ^_^

Klepsacovic said...

@Shy: Strength increases AP and AP is good. They might not notice the difference between ranged and melee AP. Besides, strength sounds good for pulling that bow, right?

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