The weekend drop, why is it gone?

| Thursday, February 16, 2012
I used to notice a clear pattern on my blog: more readers during the week, and barely any on the weekend. There are two obvious reasons for this trend: first, that I don't usually post on weekends, and second, that fewer people are at work on weekends and if they are, they are working to get something done very fast.

The drop seems to have vanished. Readership hit a low in December, but had been on the downturn for a while. Then the new year came and as best as I can tell, people made it their New Year's Resolution to read my blog. Well good for you! That's a much better resolution than "lose weight" or "stop being a huge jerk to everyone I meet", neither of which were my own resolutions. Obviously there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why readership increased, that, and the constant stream of people looking for Skyrim porn. Serious, people, what the hell? Go back to Mass Effect, I think that's coming out soon, and so far there are no associations between this blog and Mass Effect porn. Oh. Shit.

But along with this trend is a large increase on weekends. Almost so much that the once-distinctive 'bouncing ball' pattern is gone. If that made no sense, think of those time-lapse pictures of a ball bounding along a floor. It looked like that. Do you people have nothing better to do on weekends? Is this a sign of a terrible economic downturn, that you are forced to substitute sarcastic gaming blogs for three-day coke parties? I imagine that's what you all do for fun, or at least used to.

Is it even worse? Could it be that my readers have increased in number to the point that there would be many times more readers reading outside of work, so that the weekend was pushed way up, but that you all got fired, so now you aren't wasting time at work? I'm very sorry for your job losses, but maybe it was your own faults. Idiots.


Pathak said...

Do your stats pick up RSS as well?

I do most of my blog reading via RSS, and either as a 5min break at work, or at night just before or after a spot of gaming.

Klepsacovic said...

The stats I refer to don't cover RSS. Maybe over the near year the RSS feed broke and no one told me, so they all had to directly visit, but I don't think there were enough followers to account for that unlikely event.

Anonymous said...

I read you through RSS. I do know that I have been playing catch up for a while now and most of my reading is happening on the weekends. BUT if your tracker doesn't track RSS feeds . . .

No clue.

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