Being too low keeps you out of content, so does too high

| Friday, February 10, 2012
I wish I'd discovered BC heroics before my mage hit 71. At that point, it just seems like cheating. So now what? She could level up more, but what's the point? I'm not going to hang out waiting on DPS queues at 85. She hit 72 and that's when it fully sunk in that it was all downhill from here. Ooh, I could make a LK twink! lol

I made a DK, considering using that for a new attempt at a BC character. It's nice that it starts so late and is in Outland so quickly. But it's a DK. That means no set for it, though there is a generic blue strength plate set: Doomplate Battlegear. The blue warrior set is usable by other classes; my paladin used a couple pieces, which despite the loss of the weak 4-piece bonus, were still better. But beyond that, it's a DK. That just seems wrong.

So I made a warrior. And then I realized that it's a long, long way to Outland. I'm almost thinking heirlooms might be worth it. On the other hand, the leveling curve is already screwed up and I'd probably run zones I haven't done before, so I don't want to ruin that even more. I'd rather enjoy the journey and have it be a little slower.

I'm not alone in this. Tesh seems to have run into this problem as well, though not quite the way I have.
I'm sometimes saddened that I outlevel the ability to LFD queue for dungeons as I go about doing my Explorer thing. I also want to Explore the dungeons, and the system doesn't want me to go back to them when I'm overleveled.


Tesh said...

Aye, there's this curious band where you're too high level to use the LFD, but too low level to just go solo the place. I guess they didn't want overpowered players slumming around in the LFD... but that's unfortunate in my view. Seems to me that someone doing that wants to be there for the dungeon, not for the loot, and might be better company for it.

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