I am consistent in my values

| Thursday, February 9, 2012
Some people flip flop and waver. Mr. Colbert said about our greatest president, "He believes the same thing Wednesday that he believed on Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday." Well, today is Wednesday and on the metaphorical Monday I made some statements of value. I don't have them with me because the media likes to suppress anything good, but trust me, they were said and they are exactly what I am saying now.

Appearance matters more than actual functionality.

I've believed this my entire life. I grew up using a Mac. More recently, but not actually recently, once upon a time, warlocks had a choice to make. They could get some robes. They could get a trinket which would, in some situation, prove to be quite useful, possibly saving them from having to utter those words which once would make a raid leader rage and lead to an entire MC raid zoning out to go hunt spiders in the Searing Gorge because someone had not farmed enough souls. Note that the item has been changed. It used to summon a voidwalker without needing a soul shard, so you could use it to summon a voidwalker, then walk far enough away and it would desummon, granting you a soul shard. Note that back then, the range to walk was approximately ten miles, uphill, and if you walked downhill on the way back, you'd lose the shard. That last sentence was a complete lie, which makes it notable for the fact that I actually pointed that out.

Finally there was a weapon. It wasn't a great and powerful weapon. It was okay. You might use it for a little while, but not a very long while. Given that players often went to Sunken Temple fairly late in the game, it could soon be replaced by staves from various other instances, such as Scholomance (not the one I mentioned the other day)and BRD, and wasn't even a huge upgrade from an earlier staff from Zul'Farrak. I suppose these days we'd call it a mediocre upgrade. But it had one very important thing going for it: It's a fucking scythe available to a class that takes souls. How can anyone not see that this is the most appropriate choice?

Sadly, some did not. But me, I took a stand. I didn't just tell people what to do, I did it myself, thereby giving me greater legitimacy when I continued to tell them what to do. History, by which I mean a mix of luck and decisions over which I had absolutely no influence, has backed me up. The trinket was nerfed while the staff, thanks to Cataclysm destroying all that was good in the world, and transmogrification allowing us to pretend it was still around, is now unobtainable precisely when it has the opportunity to shine again.

My values have held, to this very day. Some people might say, "Hey, that's not a paladin weapon! It has agility! It's for hunters!" And I say to you this: "It's a fucking scythe!" I put my money where my values are:
Witch-Hunter's Harvester
Don't I look marvelous?
I like my new dress. But I think the BC recolored Judgement might fit the color of the scythe better.

I like how they need to add the qualifier "raid" to "most prestigious title", because otherwise they'd be all like "the Insane? Bloodsail Admiral? BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!?"


Kring said...

> I grew up using a Mac.

I thought Apple user never grow up? :-)

I still have the scythe in my bank. Unfortunately there are more scythes around these days. Back in vanilla this was a truly unique weapon. I think Ahunes scythe is more awesome. :-(

LifeDeathSoul said...


there are actually quite a few similar models to the Soul Harvester. The best thing is that most are greens from the BC era

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