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| Sunday, February 5, 2012
This run started off with me on the tank's side. There had been a warrior who, as I saw it, ran in and aggroed way too many mobs, then died because the tank didn't grab them soon enough. He tried to kick the tank, I voted against, and then he left (or maybe was kicked; I'd have voted for it). So poor tank, the guy has to deal with idiots like that. Well, he then proceeded to be terribly slow at getting any aggro at all on mobs that weren't his primary target. But whatever, new tanks can have that problem, particularly DKs, who are start late.

Then this happened.

Full story: He runs all over the place rounding up the back half of that room. At some point during it I lose internet for a couple minutes. I come back dead, not a surprise given what he'd done and the lack of my DPS (not bragging, just that if you do a big pull, it doesn't help to lose a major source of AoE ten seconds in). So I release and run back. When I said my first two lines, neither the tank nor the healer had released.

I wasn't sure why he'd want to kick the healer. Did he not heal well? Maybe not, but let's face it, expecting to survive that pull was asking a lot (it's not as if these were a bunch of ICC-geared people in a random heroic when we'd not even need the healer, or the DPS).

I explained that it was standard practice and basic politeness to run back if all the rezers were dead, that it is faster. The hunter (his guild member) called me a fag, because well, duh.

We moved along and the tank continued to try to kick with "bbad healer" as the reason. Considering we'd not wiped without he or the warrior acted stupidly, I just wasn't seeing the case for it. Maybe he was bad. I just wasn't seeing any tangible evidence for it. I did die on the second boss pair, but that's what happens when the warrior one is raised and the tank ignores it, regardless of what the healer does. Mages just are not good at tanking dual-wielding bosses.

Well on we went and somehow, the vote to kick passed right before the last boss. I can't figure out why the other DK went along with it. And that's the bullshit we have these days. Anonymous assholes fucking over anonymous nobodies who did nothing wrong, with no means for retribution or feedback. Oh sure, you could go to their server and yell at them, but I'm imagining that ending with a harassment report, and not in the correct direction.

On the upside, fire is really fun in instances!


rulez said...

I'm thinking maybe you should have tried to kick the tank. As he seems to be a bad player and person at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I've been kicked from a dungeon group twice. The first time I was on my then-undergeared fury warrior, and selected a twilight heroic by accident. I got kicked on the second boss with no wipes.

Yesterday I was on my slightly undergeared lock in a twilight heroic and got kicked. I was second on the DPS list with 13k. The DK DPS was pulling <6k. We wiped twice on the first boss after the tank died twice. We wiped the third time on trash because the tank pulled two packs simultaneously. We wiped a fourth time because I missed a flarecore from Jaina (I had never run the instance as a ranged DPS) and was immediately kicked. I literally never said a word in the instance other than "howdy" when I zoned it, so there was no drama. I'll admit, getting kicked for that when the rest of the group was performing so poorly kind of pissed me off.

Klepsacovic said...

@rulez: I kept meaning to, but then we'd be in combat.

@Anonymous: Kicks with no wipes are pretty stupid. Why risk what is already working well enough, particularly when there is nothing to gain?

*vlad* said...

If it's a wipe, I will NOT ress people. Even if it isn't a wipe, I will definitely NOT ress people who die before me, and are still dead by the time I get back. If that ends up with me getting kicked, fine.

arkhan said...

Oh, kick stories, I'll play.

A couple of days ago I was kicked 3 minutes into a Fall of Deathwing LFR run on my new DK tank. First thing that happened when I came in was that I instantly died to a lot of fucking purple fire, because apparently their previous tank/tanks didn't taunt the twilight drakes down and they kicked him/them mid-fight with over half the group already dead (you can kick mid-fight in LFR which is a phenomenally stupid idea). So yeah, I was already thinking "this group probably has a good amount of retards" but I made the mistake of sticking around.

So, the fight bugs out and the drakes despawn, we ress and Ultraxion shows up. We pull and after about a minute people start bitching in raid chat about the other tank because apparently he isn't hitting Heroic Will. Then I get the Fading Light debuff and he doesn't taunt. We wipe. More bitching. Other tank says he disconnected 10 seconds into the fight. Some guy goes "and what's your excuse, other tank?", before I can reply I have been kicked.

The problem with running with a random group of 24 strangers is that the chance that there will be a couple of idiots or dicks in there is a lot bigger than if you run with 4 strangers. Oh and vote kicks always pass in LFR, at least in my run. There doesn't even have to be a stated reason. People just assume it was justified and click yes. Flip-side of that coin: Healers can pretty much piss all over the rest of the raid, as long as their healing isn't totally abysmal nobody will initiate a vote kick, since it takes longer to find a new healer than it does a tank or a DPS.

The LFR run I did after that was the exact opposite though, the other tank was a nice guy, he gave me the tank trinket he won when he saw I was still rocking two ilvl 346 ones and we kept whispering throughout the run, even other members of the raid got chatty from time and time and not to shit over another player's performance or to start loot drama. We even managed to down Madness with 2 healers and 2 DPS missing, because we got tired of waiting and we pulled it off.

But yeah, mostly LFR is like the first run I described. I feel like the decision to make it 25 man ruined it. If you only had 10 people in there the thing would feel a little more personal and coordinated and maybe not that many people would feel compelled to act like douchebags.

Maybe I'm lucky but I rarely get bad behavior in my heroics, sure, sometimes you get the "gogogo" guy or the "omg, you are all just doing 18k dps while I'm doing 20k, you people are terrible at this game" guy, but mostly people are polite and do their thing. But put 20 more people in there and shit goes crazy.

Ok, this turned into a wall of text, I'm going to stop now. Long-time reader btw, this is one of my favorite WoW blogs, keep it up.

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