WoWing around again: Holy Cow

| Friday, October 7, 2011
Yep, a tauren paladin. Or more accurately, a sun druid, but does anyone say that? No! Because people like to use imprecise terms and overgeneralize. This is one cause of racism. My point is that anyone who says tauren paladin is bringing the world one step closer to the Fourth Reich.

The tauren are under attack from highly aggressive quillboar, driven from their dens by the cataclysm, who are, of course, neutral. Blizzard really kept the original vibe of the tauren starting area and did a good job of layering the low-level paladin experience on top of it, creating a top-notch incredibly dull experience.

I turned into an eagle and then got bored and quit.

Coming soon: Forsaken!
Sneak Preview: Lillian Voss is a badass!


Nils said...

Forsaken are the best by far. Especially once you hit the second zone. Of course, I am talking about the story. After level 10 the gameplay becomes really bad (pushover).

Targeter said...

Holy moo.

Bronte said...

HAHAHAHA! I quit at the same exact moment with the Tauren starting zone. The Undead one, however, has a great story to tell. go try that!

Faeldray said...

Sunwalkers, man. Now who's using imprecise terms? ;)

And you quit before Baine could come out and kick some Grimtotem ass. That's the best part!

Tesh said...

Sun Druids? The moment that my Tauren Druid can suit up in plate metal in Cat Form, we'll talk. Until then, I'm not calling them Sun Druids.

Paul said...

one step closer to the Fourth Reich.

I now have an almost irresistible urge to reactivate my account to create a cowadin named Godwin.

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