My opinion has no value

| Tuesday, October 4, 2011
The quoted section is outdated, but I'm including it because I think it is still worth thinking about.
I have no internet in my apartment and I am unlikely to do much online gaming from my laptop in a public space in the university. This makes me a non-customer for MMO companies. I am not a potential customer, regardless of the game, unless it could somehow cause a dramatic shift in the perceived value of an internet connection. Such a game is unlikely, since for me the cost is game + connection, while for the developer, the profit is limited to the game only.

Beside that problem, which has been solved, there is the time problem. I don't have quite as much time. I still have some, thanks to avoiding having a social life, but I don't have the time for my beloved all-day AV battles or full-afternoon BRD runs. I could run a random or two, maybe do some outdoor grinding. But I don't much enjoy quick runs. I want to play a long game, which I don't have time for. I don't want to play a short game, which I do have time for.

I want to play what I cannot. This is a pointless customer, like a poor man who wants a private jet. Companies should ignore them. They should recognize that there are fundamental problems with them becoming customers, things which will not be fixed by tweaks, because tweaks are too small and big changes would destroy the product the customer is after. It would be as if the private jet manufacturer decided to remove the liftoff ability to reduce costs, make the cabin smaller to only hold a couple people, simplify the cockpit controls, and change the wheels to a rectangular layout. In other words, replace their jets with minivans in an attempt to bring in poor customers who want jets.

Maybe this gives some perspective on my thought process, that whether I am intentionally considering it or not, everything I say is from the point of view of someone who is not a paying customer and will not be a paying customer.

I'm pretty sure that just makes me an asshole.


P.S. a full third of you don't play WoW and half of you don't plan to buy the next expansion. So you're all bad people too. We should form a guild! Maybe we can find a game to play together.


Kring said...

What do you mean by you don't have Internet in your apartment. You're still on planet earth?

Imakulata said...

Did you mean: "Maybe we can find a game to not play together"?

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