Google home page depicts shocking gay sex

| Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Here's the link to the infamous Google:

The first G is a wooden block. It does nothing. Or does it?

The first O is a red ball of clay, which when activated, turns into a little red clay guy with a J on his head. He looks around. Then from the block pops up another red guy with a G on his head.

The G-guy jumps on the J-guy, with smiles all around. They wrestle and become one, in the process displaying the letters G and J, which clearly stand for Good Job.

Good job indeed Google. Is this the sort of shocking imagery that children need to see? NO! Those kids are at google searching for naked pictures of celebrities, wholesome, heterosexual desires but before they can do that you bombard them with this shocking depiction of gay sex, followed by a congratulatory message to those who managed to stomach the multi-second-long scene of depravity.

Also, Google, since I'm sure you were tracking, I only watched it multiple times to ensure that I was sure of what I was seeing and so I could give a full description, thereby saving my readers from the horrors to which you would subject them.

Let's see what Bing has.
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Those are all reasonable topics, though with a strange bias toward Zs.


Anonymous said...

I may sound stupid here since I know you can be a tad bit sarcastic ;) but did somebody actually complain about it? It's just Gumby...

Stabs said...

I've always suspected Google is actually an acronym for Gay on Other Gay Licking Extravaganza.

Klepsacovic said...

@Anonymous: Just the highly anthropomorphic and yet infinitely flexible being who can seemingly fit into any mold.

@Stabs: dot dot dot

Ryan said...

I would fall asleep during a Republican debate, too.

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