I hate that I almost like this expansion

| Friday, October 28, 2011
I know almost nothing about MoP. I haven't cared much. I looked up one of the talent trees, thought it looked ridiculous, and that was about it.

I want to keep it this way.

In my mind there is a picture, a vague stort of picture, but a nice one. In this picture in WoW the sun is out and the grass is green,. There are vaguely Japanese buildings in the background (yes, I know where pandas are from) and everything is peaceful. But not like a nelf elf area where everything is peaceful but strangely purple. Maybe the picture is Nagrand (I loved that zone) with some paper houses and no floating rocks.

I really like this picture. This picture makes me want to spend $50 and log in to do... something. Maybe I just ride around and look in the buildings. Maybe out of view is a cliff and at the bottom of the cliff there is something to fight. But not something demonic or undead. Maybe it's like the cats on Quel'Danas, unchecked growth but not corrupt.

This picture is entirely in my head. It has almost no basis on what will actually turn out. It's internally-generated hype that will only lead to disappointment as I learn more. And I hate that.


Dan said...

I'm going to wait until OMFGCata and/or Totalbiscuit and/or Yogscast has beta footage to decide if I am going to like the Pandaria expansion and as a result decide then whether Warcraft will suck up more of my life.
I see Blizzard taking ideas from Warhammer, Guild Wars II and RIFT, but ideas aren't selling me. I want to see how they work.
Going through the few hours of Guild Wars II footage I've seen (mostly Totalbiscuit's footage) has convinced me to set aside three twenty dollar bills for it.

Azuriel said...

Wouldn't the solution to your dilemma to drown yourself in information, disabuse yourself of all notions of what the game cannot possibly be... and then be pleasantly surprised?

Klepsacovic said...

@Azuriel: Adding more information to a flawed process does not fix it.

But let's imagine that I could figure out approximately what MoP will be. How then will I be surprised? I doubt Blizzard will have anything hidden, since that is a lost marketing opportunity before release.

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