Did you have fun during Vanilla WoW?

| Thursday, October 6, 2011
There's a new poll over there in that there corner up there.

If you played in vanilla, did you enjoy it? You don't need to have played for the entire time, I didn't, but maybe a few months before the 2.0 patch, since the pre-expansion patches and changes can have a major impact on the fun of a game, sometimes positive, sometimes negative.

I'm not sure whether to exclude people who only played a short time, as in a few days or less. In that case maybe it just wasn't the type of game for them at the time, regardless of what the game was, but maybe that's important too. If you played for a good bit of time and quit, that still counts as playing, but if you quit because you stopped having fun, put it as a no vote.

Maybe I'm trying to hard to make this an accurate poll when I know it won't be anyway. So vote whatever you think is closest to the truth. Then we can argue about it. :)


Tesh said...

I said yes... but I only played for a few days. I liked the game, but refused to pay a friggin' sub. Still, it was good fun, even if it did take forever to get those dang Kodo hides so I could stitch together a bag. Those were the Bad Old Days before new bags were common.

Azuriel said...

I find the question a little absurd.

"Did you have fun before you burned out, years later?"

A more relevant question, if not equally unanswerable, would be: if Cataclysm (Wrath, TBC) was how WoW shipped seven years ago, would you have had more fun, less fun, or comparable amounts of fun.

Klepsacovic said...

@Tesh: Does "fun, but not enough to pay for it" count?

@Azuriel: That is a much less answerable question. But it is possible that I might ask people if they had fun during BC, LK, and Cata. I might ask when they had the most fun too. But I prefer one poll at a time.

Anonymous said...

Did I enjoy Vanilla at the time? Yes.

Would I enjoy Vanilla wow if I played it to day? No.

JixxyJexxy said...

I did have fun with parts of the game. I'm having much more fun now than I did then, that's for sure. I very much enjoyed exploring the world and seeing Org for the first time. The few dungeon runs I was able to get into I enjoyed as well. But in short the game is 100 times better now than it was then.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it. I joined a bit over halfway through, and it was my first MMO. I played like a total noob and did no endgame content, but it was fun because of all that.

Jonathan said...

OK, understand that Vanilla WoW was the first MMO my wife and I found, so perhaps this is an expected response.

Yes. Yes, we found it so fun we played every night, for hours on end. Yes, we found it so fun that we would wait, sometimes for over an hour, to log in. Even if we were kicked off by a network error. Yes, we found it so fun that we did every quest we could find, explored every zone, and created our own stories with our friends on our RP realm.

Yes. We miss WoW. Kinda sad seeing this "Cataclysm" railroad in it's place, but we can't complain, really... we had our fun.

Loved it.

Muiran said...

I had fun at times in vanilla. I started playing just before the patch that dropped Nax. Once I got to 60, I started having less fun, since I had rolled a paladin and didn't want to heal (not knowing that's really the only thing we were "allowed" to do back then). So I rolled a lock on another server with my friend, got to 60, and raided ZG with them, which was fun. But I'm one of those crazy people who are actually still playing and enjoying WoW now.

Pathak said...

Vanilla was fun. I started late (June 2006), but managed to get a toon levelled to 60 before TBC. I had already played Guild Wars, but with WoW, I actually had friends to play with. I was also single and working full time, and would put in about 35 hours a week.

WoW wasn't all about raiding, then. But I did have some fun with LBRS, I had fun with the furby grind, I had fun questing at end game for a mere 2g a pop. Scholo runs, while becoming easier with practice, always offered a challenge.

Or maybe WoW was about raiding, and there was enough to do outside of that to find it engaging.

Anonymous said...


Was also in college back then, with a heck of a lot more free time to grind like a fanboy.

Ephemeron said...

I've had fun in Vanilla. And in TBC. And in WotLK. And in Cataclysm.

Video Game Philosopher said...

I did, but looking back, I think the reason I did was twofold:

1. I played with a solid group of friends who were there to have fun.

2. I didn't use any "spoiler" sites or references, so I was experiencing everything first-hand and figuring out things as I went.

Without those two things, I don't think i would have enjoyed it as much.

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