WoWing Around Again: Trolls

| Monday, September 26, 2011
Let's see... troll time. Oh, gotta make that a shaman! And if I'm making a troll shaman, well, it must be named Klepsacovic.

Except some jackass TOOK MY NAME. Who the hell would do that?

*checks server*

Oh. Ner'zhul. Huh. Yep, that's where I last played, so that jackass? Me.

The place looks cool. I thought it was neat that some other initiate seemed to be coming with and then going to his own trainer. I wonder if we're going to be teamed up later.

If you're going to have non-hostile mobs, tiki target dummies are a pretty good one. Hungry cats, not quite as good. But... The damn Naga was described as WANTING TO KILL ME and what does he do? Wanders out of his cage and waits for a lightning bolt to the face to attack. Ugh. Why is it not hostile? It's a mob that stays in a cage until I specifically ask for it to come out. This is one mob that is absolutely completely 100% totally justified as a hostile mob and being described in a repetitive and redundant manner.

It seemed strange to start with mace and shield, and then my very first shaman quest reward is a staff. I feel like that would send mixed messages.

Why am I being sent to Vol'jin already? And why has everyone been talking about me? I have been here a few minutes and my total achievement is: I killed some cats who, as the quest trainer herself said, we most at risk of scratching my ankles.

After that I get two quests, with map markets on different coasts, one for crabs, the other to talk to someone. But the crabs are also right near the talking quest, so the marker is just sending people running all around. Maybe it is to ensure that I complete and turn in the quest before I run off to another island.

Capturing Swiftclaw was fun and a nice followup and route back after swimming over for the other raptors.

I got two whispers about guilds within a few minutes. None as a gnome. Racists.

I SAW ANOTHER PLAYER! She was a druid with heirlooms. She started the boss event before me. I shot a couple lightning bolts and got quest credit. It didn't make much sense. So I abandoned and started over again.

THRALL! THRALL DEFENDING GARROSH BEING A DOUCHE! *sigh* Of course this is no problem for a new player, since they won't remember Thrall being awesome and until they GO BACK IN TIME to Northrend won't know quite much of an ass Garrosh is. Or before that, aka FURTHER BACK IN TIME, in Outland, when he's a whiny crybaby.

So that's the end of the troll area. My opinion of WoW has gone all the way up to "I'd play it for free."

Coming up next, an orc mage. Seriously? An orc mage? WTF is that? Fuck it, warrior.


Bronte said...

1. Saw another player at lower levels. What the hell server are you on? I saw the first player in my early teens (not counting the main cities of course).

2. It seems that in their rush to ship Cataclysm, the in-game quest helper was left with some ... bugs. Some quest locations are completely off. One example are the three Twilight leaders in the caves in Burning Steppes, takes forever to find them because they are simply not at the quest marker locations!

Dwism said...

I'd recommend the undead as a leevling experience (or mayhaps you are building up to them?) and ofc dwarfs, dwarfs are just... great, you know how other races suck? dwarfs don't

Tesh said...

I have a Forsaken stuck in the weird phased space of Gilneas. See, the Forsaken are attacking Gilneas, but the battle front isn't in the city proper at that point in time. Consequently, the city is almost completely abandoned, save for some front gate guards. It's kinda creepy, but I get some great city screenshots.

Oh, and Trolls? I like 'em, but they still share the bulk of their sub-20 content with Orcs. ...and yes, I couldn't make myself plan an Orc Mage. Warrior for me, too. *shrug*

Video Game Philosopher said...

The biggest issue I have with Blizzard regarding Cataclysm is if you are going to destroy the world; at least do the whole world. There's no reason why Northrend had no damage what-so-ever from Deathwing, except that those quests are relatively new. The worst part of the whole levelling experience now is 60-80 (I think its even faster to level 58-60 on Azeroth now rather than go to outland for it)

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