Escapism vs. Additionism

| Thursday, September 8, 2011
I don't like escapism. I mean the word and the meaning given to it. Escapism is a bad thing. It is fleeing from reality rather than addressing it. It is fleeing from life rather than addressing it. As I see it, escapism is essentially procrastination for existence itself.

But there is a lot that we call escapism which is not. These things or activities are not real life, nor do they change the physical world much, but they are not mere temporary diversions. These are Additionism.

Imagine a sport. Will your sport make you do your job any better? Unless it's a physical job, probably not. So is the game of basketball mere escapism, a temporary distraction from the pain of a dead-end job? It could be. But it could also be additionism. It could form new friendships, improve your physical self, and from the two of these, mental state as well. These aren't fixing the life problem of a bad job, but they are adding something to life, not merely escaping it.

Why can gaming not follow a similar pattern? Done poorly, it is escapism. Done well, it is additionism.

And that is my made-up word for the week. Next week, Exceptionasticism!


scrusi said...

"As I see it, escapism is essentially procrastination for existence itself."

You say that as if it was a bad thing.

Shintar said...

To quote Terry Pratchett:

"As for escapism, I'm quite happy about the word. There's nothing wrong with escapism. The key points of consideration, though, are what you're escaping from, and where you're escaping to."


Stabs said...

I really like your new word. I'm going to found a new political movement based on it. Depression? Add money. Celibacy getting you down? Add sex to taste. Bored of your dull car? Add a second one!

Add me to your vote - vote Additionist!

(oh and just to make it pseudo-intellectual might add that only people who can add are eligible for this fine offer).

If I win our next General Election on an Additionist platform I'll toss you a consultancy gig.

Klepsacovic said...

@scrusi: I'm operating under the assumption that existence is or can be a good thing.

@Shintar: You can't use the words of more important, influential, and successful people against me.

@Stabs: Don't make promises like that. It just gives voters something to dislike. You have to be vague and unable to be pinned down on anything. Obama did it very well. Bush did it well, at least until the second term when he ran on a "I will keep doing what I do" platform, which would have been far too definite if he hadn't paired it with a "if you vote for anyone else, Osama and/or Cheney will kill you." Clinton, that man knew his vague statements! Bush Sr. demonstrated exactly why you should never be clear on anything.

Stabs said...

To be fair Bush sr was never clear on anything because this government stuff is awfully complicated and he's a simple soul. He was never clear on anything because he never understood anything.

"where's this eyerack place agin?"

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