Germ theory and idolatry

| Friday, September 16, 2011
I can't walk five feet without running into a hand sanitizer dispenser. I can't even go to the bathroom without seeing a wall of sinks. What is all this for? I'll tell you: unproven theory and pagan ritual.

We used to have a moral foundation to science. We knew that disease came from demons or punishment from god. Maybe witches too, but they work with demons, so I wouldn't put that in a different category. The Muslims knew this, and early on they did a lot of science guided by their faith, and it worked well. While Europe was busy getting drunk and letting monks suggest that human inheritance was the same as peas, they were praying and learning. Of course it didn't last forever, because at some point God got sick of their misguided worship of a false prophet and Europe turned back to God. Then we had the Crusades and scientific knowledge exploded.

The so-called Germ Theory of Disease is just that, a theory. It is based on the idea that really tiny living things get inside you and make you sick. You know what that sounds like? An attempt to discourage pregnancy! Yep, it's birth control at the level of mass psychological manipulation. Let me ask you, what makes more sense, that we get sick because of the wages of Sin and Satan, or because some invisible bits of dust are actually alive? I thought so.

Take note of how it gets worse every year. Why? Pagan ritual. We should be praying to God to cure us. Instead, we perform these false rituals before unblessed altars: sinks and dispensers. We are taught this ritual obsession with the hand, as if the body part that builds and writes and shapes the world is somehow the dirtiest thing imaginable.

It's time to reject the harmful germ theory of disease and turn to the fundamental source of truth: The Bible, in which we learn about Sin and Demons, rather than ridiculous claims based on things that we can't even see!


scrusi said...

If only more people who thought this way actually submitted to the ordeal and rejected all those unnecessary precautions. Then we'd see whether that pea-thing actually works or not!

Anonymous said...

Have you mentioned this to Rick Perry? Might help with the fires and droughts and plauges sweeping the Great State of Texas.

Klepsacovic said...

@scrusi: We had tested it, with common sense. For many years we knew that acquired characteristics could be inherited, because we knew that at the core of those characteristics, was moral fiber, which as the saying goes, "like father, like son."

@Anonymous: He already knows the truth. Didn't you see any of his calls to pray the fire away?

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