Blizzard surprises world by announcing release of latest WoW expansion is in five minutes

| Monday, September 19, 2011
You heard it first here, folks, the next expansion is in 5 minutes. They haven't yet announced the theme or any new content of any sort, but they say it will be really awesome.

Are you going to buy it?


Dwism said...

I've already mailed em my visa-card. They do with it what they want, and I get to play... sometimes

Nils said...

Are you going to write a review? I'd wait with the buy until then.

smakendahed said...

Maybe. Probably not.

Ephemeron said...

Of course not. After all these years of min-maxing and optimizing the fun out of my gameplay, my ability to make uninformed decisions is utterly crippled.

I mean, what if it turns out that it's not awesome, after all? It would be an absolute disaster. My reputation would be ruined forever: from that point on, I would be known throughout the Internet as the most gullible fool in the world. Furthermore, 50$ (or whatever they're charing for expansions these days) represents my entire financial budget for the next 15 years. You can't seriously expect me to make such a huge commitment on a whim.

No, before I decide to invest my precious assets into something that might turn out to be a waste of time, I'm going to spend at least 500 hours diligently reading reviews, blogs, beta leaks, sifting through datamined information and watching crappy Youtube videos. And just to be on the safe side, I'll buy 250$ worth of printed magazines to see what they have to say about the expansion.

Shannara said...

He's trolling, nice title though lol.

Klepsacovic said...

@Dwism: Are you sure that wasn't a shady Chinese gold farming company?

@Nils: Sure, buy me a copy and I'll review it.

@Ephemeron: $50 for the next 15 years? You must be REALLY bad at finding dropped change on the street. But to the main point, I offer you an "I see what you did there."

@Shannara: It's not trolling; it's setting up a hypothetical. Trolling would be more likely if I gave a non-absurd release date, such as "October 17".

Kring said...

Nils was only trolling. We all know that you can review a WoW expansion without actually playing it. Your one of THOSE BLOGGERS. :)

But to be honest, I can very well imagine that I'm going to buy the next expansion. Regardless if there are pandas or not. The leveling plus transmogrification will have enough fun for the Euro 47.99 (34.99 + 13) it'll cost.

If you're question is that Blizzard announced that raiding, or any other end game activity, will be super awesome with the next expansion then my answer will be no, I do not plan to participate again in WoW endgame.

They should make leveling take a lot of time, and be fun, to get another 13 Euros for another month from me.

scrusi said...


Video Game Philosopher said...

The real question is: would you buy an expansion that turned the world of warcraft back into the "hard" version of wow that vanilla had (on its own server)?

Dancingblade said...

"The real question is: would you buy an expansion that turned the world of warcraft back into the "hard" version of wow that vanilla had (on its own server)?"

WTB version 1.12.1 pl0x!!!!

Klepsacovic said...

@Kring: You mean people who can hate things from a distance?

@VGP: Alas, such things are not isolated. I suppose I'd prefer the older style of WoW, but I want to pick and choose beyond just that single package. Can I have the improved class balance and two-tier raids, without the single relevant raid model? Can I have the previous population, filled with EQ players who were sick of EQ and people new to WoW and maybe MMOs, but not gaming, who in my experience were pretty awesome to play with?

Kring said...

This. :)

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