Where's your comment box?

| Thursday, April 21, 2011
Most blogs I read have their comment box on another page. Press "post a comment" and you get taken to another page. Then you leave the comment and have to navigate back to the actual post. This annoys me. So I decided to fix this and asked Keredria how she put her comment box on the same page.

She kindly responded with easy to follow directions. I followed the steps. Except they were already in place. Weird.

I went back to my blog and opened an individual post.

Oh hey, there's my comment box. At the bottom.


Here are the directions
on blogger you go to settings, comments, third section down is comment placement. select embedded below post.

Thanks, Keredria!

P.S. When I am responding to multiple comments which tend to take up more than one screen (pushing the comment box out), I open a notepad and use that for my typing and then copy-paste from that. This also serves to save it in case the comment gets lost in the intertubes.


Bloodshrike said...

Hey, thanks for sharing that info. :)

It was annoying being taken to another page, and forgetting parts of what you wanted to comment on.

kaozz said...

I prefer the embedded comment box but I've had complaints that some browsers have issues with commenting in it. Mainly IE I think. I like the WPress comment system better but I prefer Blogger overall.

Gronthe said...

With blogger, if comments are on a separate, full page there is a feature where at the top of the comments you can expand and "Show Original Post", thereby having the post and comments on the same page. Of course embedding works splendidly also.

Nils said...

Yep, I also use notepad for longer ones. 'been burned often enough ;)

Shintar said...

Mwah, my comment box has been embedded ever since I started.

Keredria said...

Hey, I called dibs on publicly shaming you! Even though you beat me to it, I'll still do it here.

For shame! For shame! :)

Klepsacovic said...

Oh no, I've been shamed.

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