Community: Anti-gravity

| Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Normally gravity draws you in, and we usually hear about how friends and guilds are what keep us playing or bring us back in. And I have to say, I do miss playing with a few of my friends. I liked the feeling of teamwork. Also I sort of miss BC, but that's a tangent and wouldn't be much use anyway.

But then I'm reminded of one of the things that made me stop playing: everyone else. The gravity of community draws us in, but sometimes it is anti-gravity.

Way back on Thursday I made an ever so slightly angry post about DPS. Specifically about how DPS have gotten so damn spoiled that when tanks aren't carrying them, then the DPS think they're carrying the tank. Do I want to go back to that? I don't.

That's anti-gravity.


Nils said...

What prevents me from coming back actually (among other things, o.c.) is not so much the attitue of the dps. I always found that I was treated nicely as tank (=not talked to).

But when I decided to do dps myself. OMG. Those tanks come 10min late, eat in between and generally don't care.

No thanks.

Fidjit said...

I've been thinking of resubbing to WoW recently because I kind of miss the world, but then I stop and think about all the problems that made me leave.

Community is one of them, for sure. I got so tired of dealing with rude, arrogant people. Not just in LFD, but everywhere. Chat channels, raids, realm forums. Worse than that, I began to be rude sometimes too. I didn't like how the hostile environment was shaping the way I talked to people.

Then there's other major issues with the core game itself that I just got tired of. Dailies, mostly. The grind. Grind daily quests, honor points, heroics, raids, reputation, and so on. I realized that I was no longer willing to repeatedly do something I didn't enjoy for an arbitrary meta-reward, and considering that's basically the cornerstone of WoW I don't expect it to change.

...I do miss some of my friends, though. And Dun Morogh.

Stabs said...

The problem I have is that my head tells me the only logical way to play WoW is as dps. Preferably a tribrid class in dps mode so if I do feel, for some reason, like tanking or healing I can.

However I don't really enjoy being dps all the time.

Klepsacovic said...

@Nils: What's the point of power if you're not going to abuse it? :P

@Fidjit: "I began to be rude sometimes too. I didn't like how the hostile environment was shaping the way I talked to people." I hated when I saw that start to happen to me as well.

@Stabs: I'm not sure I understand your head's logic.

Stabs said...

Ha ha not many people do!

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