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| Thursday, April 7, 2011
Apparently being a goblin is awesome. But here's the problem: how many levels are you a goblin compared to how many levels you're a generic race of class? Once you're out of the starting area, it doesn't really matter what race you are. You're going to be playing the same way, with the same quests, with little more than the occasional NPC with stuck in the dialog.

I ran into this when I made my worgen. The starting area was simply amazing. I was briefly confused because I didn't realize there was a significant bit of time between the two parts, but beside that, the zone just blew me away. I felt like I was in a city under siege. Which of course I was, but that is something that WoW often fails to convey. So all in all a great time. And then I hit whatever level, finished a last quest, and got dumped in the nelf area. Hm.

As I've said before, the nelf area is a lot better now, but I've done it before and even improved it's a major step down from the worgen.

Suddenly my worgen might as well have been a nelf. Not cool.

It's probably asking too much that different races have different play experiences. I mean, even different classes all do their questing pretty much the same way. Maybe it's not impossible, except to balance, and therein lies the problem. Everything takes a back seat to balance, or at least the illusion of balance.

I wonder if vampires could make any sense...


Fidjit said...

Yeah, this always bugged me too. I think the only way to get a real, lasting since of relevance with your race is to play either an Orc or a Human.

Even after all these years, the story still seems to revolve around these two races.

LifeDeathSoul said...

I think that it's slightly smoother for the goblin experience. Goblins have been working with the horde for so very long, it's not really that jarring when you finish the goblin starting area and then progress to aszhara. Azshara fits the goblin sensibility well too, with most quests been given by goblins.

Max said...

Its about content cost . WoW is one of the very few MMOs( I dont even know if any other exists) which offers completely unique experience for each race. Most others do not even get as far as giving unique experience to each side

And honestly from the point of return on investment its not very wise to spend that much making each experience "unique'. Even most hardcore players would only play 1-2 different characters at start of game. So for new players its already unique, only when they start making oodles of alts they might notice the difference

So if you make lots of things "unique" - you just spent 50% of your budget pleasing 1-5% of audience? -bad bad decision.

Klepsacovic said...

Max, I somehow doubt that only 1-5% of players make alts of different races. As for "at start of game", that's sorta the key thing: WoW needs content to keep people coming back. Offering a new leveling experience is one way they do that. Is it expensive? Sure. But it keeps people playing.

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