Looting the Blogroll

| Thursday, April 14, 2011
On Twitter I commented that yesterday Pink Pigtail Inn was my highest traffic source. Then it was pointed out that people are probably using her blog as a feedreader. Aha! That makes sense. I did that for a while. Only after I got frustrated with Tobold did I switch to using Blogger's follow feature. Yes, Tobold's fault. He kept posting nothing and then three posts in a day, so I'd have to keep searching back to see if I'd missed any.

I ended up in that habit again with The Noisy Rogue. At some point I got sick of Adam (he's kind of a jackass) and stopped following his blog. But I forgot to take it off my blogroll. Now I'm too lazy to refollow (I know, those clicks are VERY HARD WORK), so sometimes I use my own blogroll to see what he's written lately (less jackassy).

I still will sometimes go to a blog and dig through the blogroll for anything interesting. I call it looting. I figure that's a better practice than another idea I'd considered, which was to make a post demanding links to good blogs to read: "Pointless blogs! But not too pointless! No theorycrafting. But maybe some if it's a good day. And no matter what, not like mine! I'd hate to have to read this all day."

You might have noticed the lack of a post today. That wasn't intentional. I'd scheduled the post for today, but then didn't remember to fix the time, so it was scheduled for 8:41PM tonight. That seemed silly, so I just pushed it back. You all seemed happy enough being saddened by Gordon's post reposted anyway.

Hey, let's go argue with Tobold!


Caramael said...

Funny, I'm using yours and Adam's as feedreaders. Because installing and maintaining a feedreader on my laptop is also very hard work.

Anonymous said...

That's Mr Jackass to you.

Coreus said...

Personally, I could care less if a blogger is a jackass as long as they're interesting to read.

I think Tobold likes the sound of his own voice more than he cares about making a valid point. There's a big difference between expressing an opinion and ranting aimlessly, and Tobold seems to switch between the two at random.

Ngita said...

Guilty, except I always used Rohan @ Blessing of Kings, with the occasional glance down Larisa's *cough* roll.

Kierbuu said...

I'm still using PPI as my feed reader. Larissa always did such a great job at keeping a blogroll and finding new blogs of quality. Got in the habit of just going to her instead of maintaining my own list of blogs. Old habits die even harder than old blogs.

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