Tobold is a dick

| Friday, April 15, 2011
"Just to annoy Klepsacovic, my third post for the day. :)" - Tobold

Can't get me now, sucka, I follow your blog. I'm invincible! In this one particular aspect. Though I do now have a ton of tabs open and that's a bit annoying. If you could, try to have only one decent topic a day so that I can skim and close the others, and try to avoid anything that would have interesting conversation beyond a day or two.



Mhorgrim said...

ROFLMAO! You guys are like an old married couple!

Caramael said...

Woot, blog war!

Hyperian said...

Im on a government computer, and when i try to look at Tobalds site i get a:

The web page you attempted to access is being blocked.

So im going to assume that since i can read yours, your awesome and Uncle Sam approves.... and since i cant read his he's a pinko commi who deserves to be crushed.

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