WotLK: First Impressions

| Thursday, November 13, 2008
The zeppelins are junk. No second level? Cheap goblins.

Warsong Hold is tall.

The Horde and Alliance should communicate better. The Warsong orcs could have learned an important lesson from the dwarves: Do not dig quarries unless you want to get invaded. Dig quarry, wait a few minutes, something invades. It never fails.

The Mist seems to have be blown way out of proportion.

The anti- and pro-Nestingwary groups are funny.

I once said Blizzard is good at dead, or more accurately, undead content. I am forced to add "Cold Stuff" to that list. Blizzard is good at making Cold Stuff.

Zul'jin hasn't cashed yet. I guess they did all the server instability the last couple days to get it out of the way. Excellent timing.


WTFspaghetti said...

I agree with your statement

"Blizzard is good at making cold stuff".

I was impressed on how cool and different everything looked compared to the first two installments of the game.

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