Well timed.. starfire (?) stun, bro

| Tuesday, November 4, 2008
The old combination of mace spec, stormherald, and the stun meta was incredibly annoying. I hated it. I thought it needed nerfs for a long time. Lo and behold, mace spec is now much different. My warrior is pretty noobish, but it seems like a decent talent. It's not flashy now, but I like it. The rogue mace spec was changed in the same way, or at least similar enough for me to not notice.

Enter starfire.

Obviously I can't say that we'd have won the matches, but at least twice I saw starfire stuns completely ruining the match for us. The one I remember best was in Ruins of Lordaeron with a balance-arcane team. The burst was pretty ridiculous, but that's a rant for another day. I was trying to keep myself up without having to burn a five minute cooldown, and I was doing okay. Holy Light was about to finish, and then the stun lands. It was bubble or die. Later I had to wander around, sheeped, as my partner got pounded. His bubble was down due to the previously mentioned burst. Sheep wore off, I attempted to help, and woosh: cyclone.

If not for that stun, I'd have had my bubble. I'd have been able to bubble out and save my partner. By then the other team wasn't doing the greatest on mana, so we had a good shot at beating them.

I'd like to get back to that displaced burst rant though. Ret burst is being nerfed and has been nerfed. Over and over. Balance and arcane are currently doing what feel like comparable damage, at range, with ranged CC and tools for kiting. Compare this to ret that bursts, but has no tools to close gaps. Their burst can be consistently applied, ours cannot.

Yet we get nerfed? Even more, hotfix nerfed. This isn't the old old old reckoning we're talking about. World bosses aren't getting one-shotted. Oh no, someone e-peen shrunk because he lost to a ret paladin, now he's going to lose his... oh wait no, they froze titles before 3.0. There was nothing that should not have waited for a patch and the ability to update tooltips. I'd guess at least half of my spell descriptions are wrong because Blizzard had to nerf ret NOW. And yet resto druids for three seasons, where were the nerfs to knock out half their spirit regen or to disable travel form? Where were their crippling nerfs? NOWHERE. Bullshit. It's not a matter of balance, ret needed adjustments, it's about showing the slightest bit of consistency. Two days and we get nerfed, two, no three seconds, and they aren't touched. If there was the slightest bit of fairness, Blizzard would go back and strip titles from every team with a resto druid, take any gear they got, and send them a warning for exploiting game mechanics.


Captain The First said...

Indeed... good times to be a druid. Confusing times for anyone who is a pally or has to deal with them on a regular basis.

They're doing too much in too little time to be truly considered some form of balancing effort.

Balancing takes time... lots of it... the longer you take and the smaller your modifications the quicker you will get something that resembles balanced.

Still... could be worse... you could have a lock for a main hehe

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