Seven Dwarves Event and WotLK

| Wednesday, November 12, 2008
I can't explain what it was, but it felt different. I haven't been there in a while since I usually take the shortcut to the Emperor. There was a strange feeling to it, a good one. What was it? Perhaps it was going back there after ret was buffed. Perhaps it was the undead. Perhaps it was simply the low NPCs which died so easily. But it seemed like more than just adding those up.

It felt like a paladin should feel.

I went from undead dwarf to undead dwarf, tearing them apart in seconds. When the rogue one used evasion, holy wrath made him stay still. When one tried to heal, hammer of wrath finished the job. The final one paid dearly for his demonic companions. Holy wrath kept them in place and divine storm took full advantage, tearing them apart.

Then I went to go kill the awe-inspiring Emperor.

I feel obligated to say something about WotLK, seeing as it is hitting servers tonight. Earlier today people were doing group quests, trying to stack completions to turn in for a leveling boost. They wanted to get ahead of the pack and avoid the noobs. I am torn. On one hand I hope their exploit fails and they end up with a few gold and wasted time turning them in. But it would be nice to get the exploiting idiots out of the way, let them run ahead and burn out sooner. They sicken me. These are the type of people that ruin WoW.

Maybe I'll gquit tomorrow. It seems rather pointless anyway. Raiding is suspended until people get to 80 and I can't make raids anyway. The last one I did was BT a few weeks ago and it was boring. Yes, BT, boring. Groups shouldn't be an issue since so many people will be leveling. I imagine I'd just get annoyed by the constant "ding!" and people ruining every surprise. Who am I kidding? I'll stick around because a couple friends are there.

My copy is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I guess I'll check for it after my morning class. Hopefully the Zul'jin will have crashed so I can get some work done.

I'm getting a weird feeling. It's a bit like what I get sometimes on Christmas Eve. I rationally know it's tomorrow, but somehow I just can't feel it. It's as if my mind refuses to believe it, like it's in denial. I suppose it fits, since WotLK is practically Christmas for WoW, bringing presents and toys for everyone. Also snow. And just like when I was a little kid, I'll probably be sent to collect ice boar livers and maybe a few troll tusks and my mom's stolen recipe book. Ah, the memories.


Heywood Djiblomi said...

Given that it takes in excess of 1.5 million XP to get to level 71 - a quest log full of turn-ins on the order of 12-15k each would yield at best... 5 bubbles, i.e. 1/4 of the road to 71. Wasted time? No. Huge advantage versus those who didn't do this? Again, no.

And the real LOL of it: I found myself, level 70 for 20+ months now, had all of ONE bubble worth of rested time. Being sure to logout in an inn will pay a real premium, methinks.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this quiet much... it sure raises a few questions..

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