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| Tuesday, December 22, 2009
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Now what? I assume you're not mindlessly killing random creatures with no purpose at all. Or if you are, you secretly have the purpose of trying to have mindless fun, in which case, I'd suggest a FPS, they're great for that.

Currently my goal is Insane in the Membrane. The goblins are done. The pirates are done. The elves are starting to honor me. The faire is fairly friendly (pardon the pun). And the rogues don't really care about me one way or another.

My activities are bent towards achieving this achievement. This means farming old instances for BoP mats and librams and if I'm really lucky, a pristine black diamond or two. Also gold. I send the greens for DEing and sell the runecloth here and there. My jewelcrafter and scribe are busy finding gold to fund the purchase of more diamonds. My scribe is also busy figuring out where to get the herbs, pigments, inks, cards, and eventually decks that I'll eventually need to turn in.

Also I started raiding again and want to do well at that. I can't say I have any specific goals. Show up, kill stuff, get loot?

What are your goals in WoW?


Shwitz44 said...

My goals?

Eliminate the Scourge.
Kill Arthas.
Save Azeroth.
Re-establish the Order of the Silver Hand.
Re-take the northlands and re-establish Lordaeron under the flag of the Alliance.

LarĂ­sa said...

Frost emblems. and more frost emblems. Don't want to miss any possible frost emblems.

Yeah, I can be greedy too!

Apart from that - I'm on another silly achievmenent mission, grinding Nagrand ogres while waiting for pugs. Trying to make another faction (which I even don't remember the name of) to adore me. But you don't need to actually care about those factions to become a Diplomat for some reason. Just kill stuff. Weird.

Dorgol said...

Thanks to the new Dungeon Finder I have started putting serious time on my Warlock again. I hated the old-style of sitting in a city for 30 minutes hoping someone would need DPS, so I spent all my time on my Paladin healing and tanking stuff.

Now, I'm in the world questing while LFG does the hard part.

So I have two goals:

Get Battlemaster on my Paladin. I need 50 WSG wins to get the FIRST of the meta-achievements. This is gonna be a long grind. :)

So in the meantime I'm also going for Loremaster on my Warlock. My Paladiin already HAS the Loremaster title, but I need more. I'm 2 zones short of Loremaster of Northrend. Already completely Loremaster of Outland. I only need 154 quests in Easter Kingdoms... but I need 474 in Kalimdor.

Just so long as I get it done before Cataclysm, I'll be a happy dude.

Klepsacovic said...

@Josh: I like the first four. The last, we might have some problems.

@Larisa: A greedy social? Madness!

@Dorgol: I love hearing about people whose entire game was improved by LFD. Amazing how it did that!

Good luck in WSG. I don't much like it, but then again, I doubt you'd enjoy my goals either.

Hana said...

#1: Beat Arthas.

Seriously. I formed my own raid guild because I wasn't going to let Arthas get away after the last one broke up. Downing him is the biggest WoW goal in my mind.

#2: Get my feral druid alt up to 80 and raid-worthy.

I probably won't join a raid guild with my feral druid, but the server she's on is very big on pug-raiding. I figure with some gear and a little luck I should be able to squeeze myself into something decent.

Anea said...

The humble task of leveling and doing dailies.

Getting mining and jewelcrafting up to par.

The life of a sub-80 is so much less glamorous.

Klepsacovic said...

@Hana: Made your own guild? That's determination.

@Anea: I use the dragon-made blade of Quel'Dalar, enchanted by a master in order to increase my power, assisted the finest in Goblin technology, to kill ogres.

Anything can be unglamorous. :)

Ngita said...

The exalted, but since I at 38 and blizzard is handing me frostborn etc every time I do a heroic its just a matter of time. Sometimes I look at my "almost" revered winterspring trainer rep and it looks back but then I think about flying in Azeroth in cataclysm.

Long term I chip away at having as many max level classses and professions as possible but it probably wont happen @ 80,

B_Dragon said...

Currently I'm playing on three toons, and these would be their goals:

Aenur (Paladin)
- Get the Paladin-exclusive mount from the Argent Tourney
- Get the Black Drake from Sarth + 3d
- Get T9 + gear with all those Emblems from random heroics

Aelyra (Hunter)
- Get to Crusader level, then farm Champion's Seal to fund Heirloom for future alts
- Get LW to 450 soon
- Get T9 + gear with all those Emblems from random heroics

Aerhandor (Druid)
- Get to Crusader level
- Get "Guardian of Cenarius" title
- Get the PvP Kodo mount

Klepsacovic said...

@Ngita: It's such a great-sounding title.

@B_Dragon: That sounds like so much work!

Shwitz44 said...


I'll leave you arcane-junkies Quel'thalas, don't worry your pretty coifed Blood Elf head. But I don't care who you are, that's sovereign Alliance territory the Forsaken are squatting on, and as a paladin who witnessed the First War and fought in the Second and Third Wars, it is high time we took it back. Arthas may have torn down the city of Lordaeron, but that does not mean its denizens do not still belong there.

I'm sure King Wrynn will back me up on this one. We're taking Lordaeron back. We'll trade you Darnassus, no one but your tree-hugging elf cousins like it there anyway.

Klepsacovic said...

@Josh: The citizens of Lordaeron are still there. They just aren't on your side anymore.

G-Rebel said...

My goal is to find a guild without drama. But I am afraid that that is one goal that simply cannot be achieved. But I shall not give up, I shall keep looking, as Henry V said:

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."

Oh, and I want to get a second toon to 80, that would be nice.

Shwitz44 said...


I'm referring to the ones that fled Lordaeron and now take refuge in Stormwind, Refuge Pointe, the ruins of Stromgarde, Hillsbrad, and the pockets of life left in the Plaguelands. The motley abominations of undeath that currently reside there are not the people of Lordaeron.

Klepsacovic said...

@G-Rebel: Impossible, all guilds have humans. How about one with manageable drama that doesn't destroy the guild?

@Josh: They're the original residents, just dead.

Shwitz44 said...


No, some of them used to be the original residents, and are now dead. And the rest of the original residents were chased out of town.

narrows eyes

The hour approaches. Do not interfere, or we will be forced to strike you down.

B_Dragon said...


Well, when you look at it, it does seems like too much work. But in fact most of those goals are already well near completion - my Hunter's LW is at 446/450, and she only need exalted with Undercity to clinch Crusader, while my Paladin already have 70 seals out of the 150 she needs for the mount.

Daily dailies FTW! =D

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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