How many players need to have fun for it to be a good fight?

| Friday, February 8, 2013
Earlier I said how I'd liked the Dread Approach bosses in LFR.  Since then I've worked up the courage to go in as a tank.  In its infinite mercy, LFR dropped in in on the last boss.  That platform-switching guy might have been trouble.

It was a fun fight as DPS.  But as a tank?  Boring.  The greatest challenge was figuring out how to tell what is in front of him.  I figured that out.  I spent the rest of the fight wondering if I'd be better off putting the other 'tank' on follow.  It's not as if my prot DPS is anything to write home about, unless you want to send your parents a letter about a joke.

This wasn't even similar to a tank and spank fight.  On those I can at least feel like I could mitigate more damage, maybe deal more to help with an enrage.  There is some optimizing to do.  Here, I had nothing.

Does that make it a bad fight?  Does every single person need to be having fun for it to be a good fight?  What if some are merely slightly bored?  Insufficiently excited?  Despite my dull task, I think it's a good fight.


koalabear said...

In our 10 man raid we have our tanks take the pheromones as part of the rotation so the dps can focus on doing damage to the boss.

In LFR you have enough people so I guess the tanks will have a really boring time. :(

TheGrumpyElf said...

I am not sure if everyone needs to love a fight for it to be a good fight over all but usually my favorite fights tend to be different depending on the role I am currently in and those favorites for one class are usually, not always, ones I hate in another role.

That fight is just boring for a tank, a true definition of the meat shield. You can attempt to pump your DPS as high as possible which is what I do. Put on some DPS gear but keep those stam trinkets if you have them and go at it. See how high you can get to make it a little more fun.

But, to topic, a good fight needs to be something that no one actively hates. If everyone can do it with something to do it is good.

Klepsacovic said...

@koalabear: If I was on pheromones, that could be fun. I almost had the chance when I was DPS, but I guess a hunter is a little bit better choice.

@TheGrumpyElf: I wonder if the favorite fights are the ones designed for that role, and the others are neglected.

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