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| Wednesday, February 20, 2013
I sometimes run across these auctions.  They don't make much sense to me.  Are these just generous souls who trade their profits and risk lost deposits to help others get the items?  I doubt this, even if kindness was the answer to last Monday's mystery.

I don't use the mobile armory/AH often.  The UI is not as good as my in-game addons.  It does have the benefit of allowing me to post and buy when I can't play WoW.  It allows me to sell directly from my bank and mail.

I think this may be the cause.  One thing that bugs me is that it doesn't show vendor prices.  This may be the answer to the less-than-vendor selling.  If you can't see the vendor price, you probably won't know you're going under it.  The app will undercut other sellers by default, and the bid is lower than the buyout.  This allows for prices to creep down, below what is theoretically a price floor.

This leads me to a word of advice: don't use the mobile AH to sell if you don't understand the market.  Maybe that's a good rule in general.


Coreus said...

I'm pretty sure the default UI does not show vendor prices.

The mobile AH is fantastic. I use it at work all the time. One cool thing is you can buy multiple identical stacks in one button press, ie 28 full stacks of Ghost Iron [though they do still count individually towards your daily transaction limit]. Addons can't do it because in the game every buy action requires a user input.

Klepsacovic said...

I've played with addons for so long I can't even remember what the default UI does.

Somehow I've never found how to buy multiple items at once with the mobile AH.

Klepsacovic said...

Thanks to Cold's Gold Factory, I now know how to buy multiple auctions at once using the mobile app.

If you search and pick "buyouts only", then when you click on a stack to buy it will ask how many you want to buy. It is still limited to the stacks at that price, so nothing as awesome as "all stack up to 1g per item". Each stack counts toward the 200 daily transactions. So feel free to still hate that person who posts 238 low-priced single stacks of striped melons.

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