Morning Mystery: Who needs a dozen ghost iron dragonlings?

| Saturday, February 9, 2013
You've just posted a few auctions and as you're headed to the mail to empty it out, you see that yellow text: a buyer has been found.  And again.  Next thing you're eagerly anticipating the coming hour when you get to be rich.

This morning I checked the ghost iron dragonlings.  They'd been up in price last night but I'd been undercut since yeterday.  I posted a few more.  A few seconds later it came in, a buyer had been found.  They were too close together to be separate buyers.  I'd put up four.  But there were five sales; one was of the previous day's more expensive ones.  The four or five that someone had posted in the middle were gone too.  That only adds up to ten, but a dozen sound better, so I'll stick with that.

Market manipulation is possible, and I'd hoped that was the case.  If someone had tried to push them up to 400g, I could overprice and still undercut with my supply.  Maybe they'd keep buying them to pull up the price.  I have a lot to sell.  But no; the AH was not cleared, nor did they repost them.  They bought them to keep them.

Thus the mystery, who needs a dozen unique-equipped trinkets?


Green Armadillo said...

Can they be disenchanted for something pricey? If not, I've got nothing. Then again, aren't there stories of people manipulating Auctioneer to get people to buy absolute junk?

Klepsacovic said...

I'd briefly considered using them myself as DE fodder. Shards are about 50g on my server. Mats are about 80g, so I threw out that idea. The ones I'd sold were around 200g, so I doubt it was for sharding.

I don't think it would be manipulation either, since it's not junk. The mystery continues.

Celendus said...

It could be an officer in a leveling guild bought a bunch to be generous. A lot of players don't know they exist and struggle to get into heroics with two green trinkets.

Klepsacovic said...

Kindness! What a strange idea! That's probably it.

Coreus said...

[Protip: if you check your "Auctions" tab you can see the name of the buyer next to the sold auction.]

Psst. This seems to be a big secret, but those trinkets are REALLY BIG SELLERS. Trinkets you get from questing are so few and far between, and the choice of socketting makes this trinket basically the best choice for every single spec and class.

On my realm I usually get 4-700g [depending on competition] for the trinket and up to 150g for each cogwheel. I also list pre-socketted ones [mastery-hit-haste usually sells best] for around 900g. I craft them 20 at a time and maintain 1-4 stacks of each cogwheel.

I mean yeah, it's a "niche" item if you consider levelling to be a niche part of -ahem- World of Warcraft.

Klepsacovic said...

@Coreus: That's how I knew that it was all by one person. Well that and the timing.

I've never seen the trinkets get above 300g. There are enough suppliers to keep them less than 200g most of the time. Cogwheels looked to be a loss, but maybe I need to redo my numbers on that.

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