The Group of Endless Turnover

| Saturday, August 11, 2012
Location: Sethekk Halls
Time: 5:00 Central Server Time (estimated)
Class: Hunter
Role: Awesome

I want to get the leatherworking patterns, so I've been queueing for Sethekk Halls and Escape From Durnholde on my hunter.  Sethekk pops.  Awesome.

The DK tank pulls.  And then fails completely ay anything remotely like holding aggro.  I trapped one mob, taunted the others off the healer.  Yes, hunters have a taunt.  I don't know why, but I am glad they do.  Mobs died in time for the tank's party icon to go grey, disconnected.

They were kicked.  I saw no reason to do nothing, so I threw a trap on one mob and kited the other to death.  And then did it again a few more times.  Meanwhile the DPS DK went AFK.

I kept going, since it can take a while to find a tank and the healer wasn't complaining, or having to do much.

Finally we got a new DK tank and a mage.  The tank immediately went afk.  I kept going because why not?  We had no problems.  In the meantime I realized that the healer was on my realm.  That was a surprise.  The tank went afk again.  And again.  Eventually someone kicked him.  He'd moved no more than ten yards.

All this led to a druid healer, a hunter, and a mage staring at a boss, wondering if we could kill it.  My pet wasn't talented for tanking so it wasn't going to be able to hold aggro on the boss, let alone the four adds that he summons.  I asked if we should try.  The healer said yes.  So, we went for it.  The boss was at about 15% when we wiped.  We gave it another try, with more DPS cooldowns, and the mage just barely outlived the boss.

With the first boss dead, we finally got a tank and replacement DPS.  The tank then overpulled, grabbing almost the entire next room, including all the birds, a pack with a mob that MCs, and the patrol.  The MC totem wasn't killed, so I almost killed the tank.  We survived.  This was when I concluded that the healer had stolen my job of being awesome.

We struggled on.  After one near-wipe, prevented only by feign death (that counts, right?), I suggested pulling back the mobs that fear.  The tank seemingly did not understanding the concept of "pull back before terrible things happen" when he said he got feared before he could pull back.  This was when the healer whispered me "you made a better tank, haha"  I replied "I should hope so, been tanking since BC."  We friended each other at the end of the run and chatted a bit more about healing and tanking.  I think that's the first time I added someone to my friends list in a few years.  That made me happy.


Verilazic said...

There are, in fact, awesome people out there. They're just hard to find. Wish there were more. =/ Any ideas on how we could work on that?

Klepsacovic said...

I might help if the system indicated that people are from the same server. I tend to not notice, I'm guessing others do not either, so pointing them out might help.

Anonymous said...

@Klepsacovic: people from your realm dont have an " * " next to their name when you hover over them.

It's hard to notice, but it is indicated. They use the same system in BGs and LFR

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