If zones gave experience

| Friday, August 10, 2012
Rather than quests giving experience, zone completion would.  With this model, a zone designated as level 20-25 would take the player from level 20 to level 25, no more or less.  Quests are already grouped into hubs, so give each hub a level, or a level for two hubs, however they need to be divided up to fit the zone leveling.

Obviously mob kills, dungeon quests, and heirlooms are all unaddressed problems.  I'm ignoring them just to focus on the zone leveling idea.


Kring said...

To solve the same problem you could also include a sidekick system which downlevels the player appropriate for the zone. And then upscale the drops in the zone to the real level of the player. (In addition you would also remove the exponential XP requirements and rewards for any further level, of course.)

Syl said...

Completing zones and side-kick system...let me think what upcoming MMO does that remind me of? :P

Okay, there's still classic XP for kills and repeatable quests and stuff in GW2, but if you actually follow the zone achievements and try get all of them, you pretty much have a similar leveling experience.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of progression being translated through zone progression. Levels would be insignificant altogether in this system I think. If a players progression can be read in terms of where they are in the actual game, then the game would play much more closely to an adventure which, for me, is always interesting.

This makes me think of Demon's Souls. Even though progression isn't strictly linear (you can travel to anywhere, at any time), player progress is basically measured by the zones you conquer. There's character levels, but as far as gameplay goes players measure their progression by what levels they've conquered. And it works beautifully.

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