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| Monday, August 27, 2012
I have a spam filter on.  I forget to check it often enough.

 It apparently caught some comments. Coreus, Mana Manipulator, Laura, and Umrtvovacz all had comments eaten in the past few weeks (no clue about further back, I think they get auto-deleted after that).  Sorry about that.  They're up now.  Very late.

With that in mind, if you leave a comment and you don't see it, send me an email.  If I delete a comment I will almost always leave some sort of response such as "no trolling", in a terrible bit of hypocrisy, and unless there are many such comments, I leave it only in the "this comment has been removed by an administrator" state, rather than the super-deletion that makes it as if it was never there.

Sometime this week I'll get Guild Wars 2.  Then I can begin making unwarranted comparisons to WoW!  Someday, when another game comes out, maybe GW2 will be my go-to game for bad comparisons.

Thanks for all the comments!  Except the spam comments, I don't want to visit your website.


Kring said...

Don't forget to compare it to Civ V! I always love your Civ V postst!

theB said...

compare it to dayZ too while
you're at it.

Coreus said...

I just assumed you thought my comment had no value and deleted it yourself. I feel vindicated I guess.

Klepsacovic said...

@Kring: River tiles are so OP.

@theB: I need to play more daisy first.

@Coreus: High five!

Anonymous said...

So your post made me go and check the hundred odd comments in my spam filter. Thanks so much for that joy. Can you give me that time of my life back now?

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