WoWing around again: Hillsbrad (Horde-side, just in case Alliance has quests here too)

| Monday, November 7, 2011
"Yes, this horse IS made of STARS."

"Bears are soulless beasts put upon this earth to torment us."

"The mine spiders refuse command and are running rampant."

Yea, we're off to a good start.

Rogues, take note when shackling webbed prisoners: they do not die, they despawn. That means your combo points cannot be used for recuperate. It's a small problem given the general harmlessness of enemies, particularly when overleveled.

Moving on to other entirely unacceptable failures of game development: the murlocs do not flee.

On the plus side, Dumass is the best-designed escort NPC ever. Mostly because he acts like a normal escort NPC but has the dialogue to back it up.

Sludge Fields: Who keeps screaming? And then, like any good quest will do, the question is answered. But while we're talking about good quests, is it really necessary to retcon all the player actions from vanilla? I realize that respawns and that sort of thing were all necessary mechanics in lieu of a dynamic world, but did they have to rewrite the stories as well? It doesn't seem like a good way to bring back old players if every other quest says "you did nothing." The quest in question and the associated book were good reads, but would anything have been lost by renaming the NPCs?

I feel bad for Jenny Awesome. All the quests seem to have been miswritten and used "he", but the Forsaken know she's a she. For some strange reason, the quest to save the humans is not repeatable. Lost opportunity there, Blizzard!

Apparently the Forsaken have begun recycling. Oh look, Helcular is here, brought back by "a group of heroes" WAS THAT SO HARD!? Now if he'd quit whipping out his rod at every opportunity...

Quest objective: "Explain to Orkus that he is standing in shallow water." This all ended in sadness, and not just because of how the quest turned out.

Tarren Mill requires level 21. My time was done. But at least I got to fight angry slimes.


Anonymous said...

They would improve the game a lot by bringing Orange/Red outdoor Quests back again, by lowering the minimum required level of non-Dungeon Quests by at least five levels

(though the replacement Class Quests should drop in level, too, that way the rewards would be more in tune compared to character level: a Quest granting an iLevel item of equal level to the minimum character level is close to yank; better yet would be bringing back the old Class Quests but only Raid content may only see limited use yet recieve development time it seems).

This would allow those that want a game more in tune with the increased power of toons since the Talent revamp etc. to have something to do, instead of falling asleep (and unsubbing) from sheer boredom.

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