They're Everywhere!

| Friday, November 25, 2011
Chatting at work I found that I am surrounded. At least one supervisor plays Modern Warfare 3. A few employees do as well. More chatting found that of the three people I was working with one night, one plays Fallout 3 and played a ret paladin in BC, another plays EVE and is a new Goon, and yet another plays Skyrim (sadly, pirated) and used to play WoW (started in LK, clearly this means LK players are people who demand reward with no work*).

* This is sarcasm. If we're looking for other correlations based on a sample size of one, he also quit during Cata, for no specific reasons.

Now I know what you're thinking, but no, we're not all that prepared for a zombie apocalypse, because the building is mostly glass and weapons are not allowed in the building. Though we do have a decent bit of food, much of it is on the first floor. While the stairs are a bit too wide, they are not blocked by walls, so as the zombies go up along the predictable path, people all along the balcony can shoot. However once the zombies are up, there are few additional barriers. Even worse, there are outside stairs, which lead to higher floors also with lots of glass. Beside the roof, pretty much any location is an easy way to get surrounded and overrun.

This post is in no way influenced by the sight of hordes of shoppers on Black Friday.


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