If you want to see content, go to YouTube

| Wednesday, November 16, 2011
If you want to experience content, then asking for it to be gutted is counter-productive.

Raiding isn't about 25 random people wandering around in a big room. It's about people playing together, over multiple sessions, to overcome some sort of challenge. It's not for everyone. I don't mean that as "not everyone is allowed to do it", but "not everyone wants to do it".

Make raids for raiders. Make youtube videos for people who want to see content. Make other content for people who want other content.


Ephemeron said...

If raids are not for everyone, then they should not be included in the basic subscription costs. Access to raids should be a paid premium service.

Kring said...

As long as I can get epics from watching youtube, count me in.

Paul said...

Good idea. That way, I can continue to not send Blizzard any money.

Green Armadillo said...

I'm with Ephemeron. Original WoW was a world in which Warcraft occurred, with multiple different storylines. The first three expansions have had a single storyline about how Illidan, Arthas, and Deathwing needed to be stopped. If you are going to use that storyline to sell an expansion box to all 12... er 10.5 million players, requiring an activity that "not everyone wants" to see the ending of the story is not going to go over well with the "not everyone" crowd. Which is a problem when "not everyone" is actually the overwhelming majority of paying customers.

The Renaissance Man said...

To my fellow commenters:

In Halo, those who had the inclination to beat the campaign on Legendary mode were given access to special cut scenes that granted them increased insight into the story of the game. Should those cutscenes have been removed?

Azuriel said...

Should those cutscenes have been removed?

Of course not. What Bungie should have done is just have the game end at Captain Keyes unless you played on Legendary. No resolution, just fade to black and credits. If the scrubs don't like it, they can watch the ending on Youtube with the real men, amirite?


I agree with Klep: make raiding for raiders. Except, you know, stop spending more than 20% of the development time on these fights considering less than 20% of anyone actually utilizes them. Think of the waste! Raiding should be an endless string of ToC with zero story elements, because who cares? Raiding is about overcoming challenges with people, not squirreling away all the good story bits behind choreography practice.

And before you say there isn't a difference between Youtube/Wowhead and seeing it in-game, tell me the name of a movie you want to watch and I'll save you the trouble by spoiling the plot. Same difference, right?

Andreas Moog said...

I disagree. The system coming in 4.3 is perfect:

LFR-Difficulty for the unskilled, mouthbreathing population of M&S.

Normal Difficulty for the casual players.

Heroic Difficulty for the hardcore.

Everyone sees the content, everyone can choose how they want to experience it.

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