Sorry, Britain, but that's a load of bollocks or habsnachery or somesuch else phrase

| Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Why do some Americanisms irritate people?
An interesting opinion piece, with some good points, some bad, and a terrible ending.
Britain is a very distinct country from the US. Not better, not worse, different. And long live that difference. That means maintaining the integrity of our own gloriously nuanced, subtle and supple version - the original version - of the English language.

That boat has sailed. You've long ago stopped speaking the original version of the English language. Or even something just next to it. It didn't even start with your generation, or the one before.

Ever since German and English split it's been straight downhill for language and society. Though one might make a case for the barbaric grunts of the earliest languages. Simple, to the point. They got the job done. One might have called grunting an elegant language if such a word or even concept existed back then.

I'm not sure if my title is anything other than gibberish.


Issy said...

Your title's fine.. if in doubt, always go for the bollocks :P

Syl said...

My language beats up your language. true story.

Tesh said...

Now I'm curious if there's a blog out there written purely in Latin. Or maybe Phoenecian. Or Sumerian.

Klepsacovic said...

@Issy: I'm pretty sure you just said something awful.

@Syl: German, yes? Psh. German is good, but it's no English. English is awesome like no other.

@Tesh: If they exist, they must have some dedicated trolls. They'd have to be to learn dead languages just to be assholes.

caerphoto said...

That boat has sailed. You've long ago stopped speaking the original version of the English language.

Nonsense! What Englishman doesn't know what si þin nama gehalgod to becume þin rice gewurþe ðin willa on eorðan swa swa on heofonum means? Honestly, alys us of yfele soþlice -_-

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