Atlanta: Take Two

| Thursday, July 21, 2011
Today I'm flying down to Atlanta. My brother is having a sort of second wedding, a chance for all the sides of the family to meet, since many missed the previous two chances. Hopefully it will be cooler there than here in Chicago.

So probably no posts Friday or Tuesday. Or the days between.

In the meantime, consider this thought: I have too many games to play now. Finally getting a decent video card (by my low low standards) means that I have about a half-dozen more games to play: Portal 2, Civ V, Dragon Age: Origins, Bioshock (1 and 2), Just Cause, and probably some more Splinter Cell games as well. It's overwhelming, like a kid wandering into a candy store with a hundred dollars and realizing he can only shove so much in his face at once.

Civ V is pretty fun. I like how they've changed resources and units. But it runs terribly. Randomly it pauses for 30-60 seconds. Loading a saved game is an invitation to go buy ingredients for, cook, eat, and clean up after a multi-course meal. And then get a glass of water while I wait a bit longer.


scrusi said...

The engine for Civ V is just awful. It runs alright on my (rather top-end) machine, but still eats up enough resources to pretty much prevent me from running a flash video on the other screen. I can't even say hat it looks very good. Curious.

Oh and since when does flying towards the equator lead to lower temperatures? Also, Chicago was plenty cool both times I visited, I can't imagine it being hot ;)

Have fun in Atlanta.

Klepsacovic said...

There's a freak heat event over the midwest, so we're reaching for records.

Bronte said...

Aside from your PC, was there anything else that you managed to salvage from the wreckage of the Titanic?

Anonymous said...

kleps, just as a heads-up, i strongly recommend against Splinter Cell Double Agent for the PC - it wasn't properly ported (ie buggy to the point of unplayable) and ubisoft has made it clear they're not going to fix it.

i haven't tried any of the SC titles published after that point - too enraged


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