Yep, power supply failure

| Tuesday, July 12, 2011
The other day I considered having two power supplies in my computer, to compensate for one lacking sata power. Well, I was punished for even considering it. Major, major power failure. Oh the computers are jut fine. But Chicagoland not so much! There were terrible winds yesterday morning and over half a mllion people lost power. My family is still in the dark, an inconvenient situation for a blogger, worse for my mother who works from home. So now we're at my brothers house, with me not knowing the wifi key so I can't use her spare laptop. Fortunately my iPod remembers it, so I can whine here still.

I don't care for air conditioning, but not even having a fan last night was awful. And I can't play Starcraft! On the plus side, I got to read Game of Thrones by candlelight.


Tesh said...

Clearly, you should not be permitted to repair your own computer. Big Brother was not pleased.

Laura said...

Ooh, I just ordered the first Game of Thrones a couple days ago. I am excited to get started!

Klepsacovic said...

@Tesh: Related annoyance: It annoys me when companies don't let you open up the black boxes they sell. I bought it, it's MINE. That garbage should have ended with Bell.

@group5gal: Good luck with the names. Hint: There are ten thousand Sers, a dozen Starks, and more than too many culturally-specific creeps (royalty or not, brother-sister is taking it a bit too far).

Tesh said...

" I bought it, it's MINE."

Agreed... and, well... that's how I feel about games. ;)

Klepsacovic said...

@Tesh: This is why I like some regulation, such as consumer rights. Otherwise we can end up in situations where everything is privatized, but we own nothing. In related news, I wish companies would deal with piracy themselves rather than putting the burden on consumers with excessive restrictions. But that's getting into the huge problem of entitlement culture: companies feel entitled to charge too much while pirates feel entitled to pay nothing and in the end I can't say that either side is right.

Syl said...

"Fortunately my iPod remembers it, so I can whine here still."

LOL! just when life is giving you the chance to do something, y'know more useful than blogging here....


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