I'm going to Madison tomorrow

| Friday, July 8, 2011
It's a halfway last minute almost planned as part of a preliminary preparatory search for housing and housing-related information in anticipatory preparation for the semi-imminent departure of myself and transplantation of residence from the suburbs of Chicago to the places in close proximity of the city of Madison near the area of the campus of the University of Madison.

In other words, I'm driving up to see if I can avoid being homeless this fall.

Anyone have any suggestions in regard to housing or places I should eat?

With luck I won't get mistaken for a Republican and stoned to death by a passing anti-Walker rally. Or maybe I'm thinking of Syria.


Ryan said...

There is a great little Irish pub/restaurant right across from the capitol building, but I don't remember what it's called. Can't miss it, though, and they have darn good fish and chips.

Unknown said...

Do they even have Unions in Syria?

geeklinda said...

Dude, going to Madison? Fun times! I've only been up there in the dead of winter... rock on.

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