Blizzard doesn't have an anti-fun team; they have a pointless change team

| Tuesday, May 31, 2011
I previously suggested that Blizzard had a team of developers devoted solely to removing fun from the game. Then I briefly considered that maybe it was actually an overly ambitious balance team, devoted to rooting out imbalances, no matter how trivial. But that team doesn't exist, since it's a fact that the Night Elf base is slightly harder to see the flag in than the Horde base, which clearly would have been fixed by making each flag glowing bright orange and green.

Now I think they have a team devoted to pointless changes.

Remember that super-awkward and cumbersome key ring? No? Okay try this: what is the most valuable real-estate on the screen? Can we all agree that it is a three millimeter square in the far lower right corner of the screen? No? Oh com on, that's prime space! Or maybe not.

But the crack Pointless Changes Team is on the case. Yep, key rings must go. Where will keys go? I don't know. Maybe back in our bags, because we all loved that system and really hated having the key ring. Wait no, no now that I remember it, the key ring was on par with the pet storage screen for changed that players loved.

Adam tried to figure it out too. He didn't seem to have much success.

There is only one reasonable explanation: The Pointless Changes Team is hard at work, making pointless changes.


Anonymous said...

When I read about it, my first reaction was that they may finally increase the backpack size or give us another bag slot. Just move the space alloted for keys over to make the backpack bigger. Probably makes too much sense for them to do though =/

Anonymous said...

...or they are getting rid of an unused feature so it frees up more storage space on their servers -which could result in bigger backpacks or any number of behind-the-scenes things that you are not aware of.

Klepsacovic said...

Unless they're planning to entirely remove keys or anything key-like (such as attunements), the servers will still need to store the keys, just not visible to us. The added work needed to implement this, for what is minimal gain, still points toward it being a pointless change.

Kring said...

What sucks most is that they are going to remove my key to the searing gorge...

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