Anyone opposed to cash shops is an idiot

| Friday, May 27, 2011
Tobold thinks MMOs are Communist. Well you know what? I agree. I think it's time we started treating MMOs like the free market that they should be.

These days we've finally moved past the absurd notions of patience and so-called "experience". We know now that it's not the journey that matters, it's where you end up. We go for success. Who would go for failure? Idiots. Complete idiots.

And yet, when people oppose cash shops that give in-game advantage, that's exactly what they are: idiots. Cash shops should give advantages within the game. Not merely time-savers like XP potions or gold. Definitely not just cosmetic items. That's frivolous Communist feel-goody money-hating anti-market nonsense.

Imagine that you're starting a business. What do you do? I'm guessing you think up some great product or service. That's because you're stupid. The first thing to do is get money. Then use that money to generate hype and marketing advantage. The product, we can get to that later. First step: money. Only an idiot would say "but you're supposed to complete on the quality of the product and service, not advertising." That's an idiot talking. First thing to complete on: profits. Well you need money to make money, so if you want profits you'd be an idiot to not get some investment capital.

Similarly, if we're saying that our goal is to down a boss, why would we not use a cash shop? If an item helps kill the boss and the cost/benefit ratio is satisfactory, we should buy it and be glad to have the opportunity to do so.

If our goal is not to down the boss, then what the hell are you doing? Do you join raids just to waste time with friends? Ever heard of instant messaging? Phones?

Cash shops should give competitive advantage. If they don't, they're failing to help advance player goals. That makes them worthless.

If you're opposed to a cash shop, it means you're opposed to success. If you're opposed to success, then you're wasting everyone's time and should quit. Anyone opposed to cash shops that give competitive advantage is a cheap, lazy, time-wasting idiot. It's a good thing when you all cry about it and leave: no one wanted you anyway.


scrusi said...

Capitalism, ho!

(Also, I'm apparently an idiot ;))

Sven said...

Cash shops are socialist nonsense. If you have a shop, it has a standard price for every item, which means that everyone who buys it buys equal success. There can be no winners and losers when everyone is equal first.

What we need is unique items, that are auctioned for the highest cash bid. That way the person with the most money wins and the poor are exposed as the exposed as the losers they really are!

Caramael said...

Tobold is wrong. Every single mmo has a cash shop. It might not always be run by the MMO publisher, but it'll be there.
So MMO publishers who don't run the shop themselves are the idiots here, they're missing out on loads and loads of cash.
If you don't want cash shops, remove any form of character progression, currency and trade features from your game.

Klepsacovic said...

@scrusi: Knowing is the first step.

@Sven: Those auctions would only be creating artificial rarity and subverting the efficiency and profit-maximization of supply and demand. But there are still rewards for the patient: sales, allowing companies to get full price from those who are too impatient to budget properly.

@Caramael: There's the free market in action.

Nils said...

The thing about communism was my favourite part ;)

Wonder how much a virtual concentration camp would cost ?

Imakulata said...

Are you claiming that saving time is not a competitive advantage or helping to advance player's goals?

They will still buy non-unique items, won't they? They make less on a single item but sell more of the items, so they might earn more that with the auctions.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I find the idea that everyone has to agree on this issue or they are an idiot communistic. People will pay for what they like and withhold money from what they dislike.

Are you going to take your ball and go home now? Lmao

Klepsacovic said...

@Imakulata: It is, which only helps to show the absurdity of opposition to cash shops. It's a double-standard that people use to hide their attraction to failure.

@Anonymous: Good point, some people wouldn't buy anything from cash shops because they clearly dislike success.

Anonymous said...

You work for a cash shop game in their manipulation dept? Just as they are interested in taking my money, I am interested in keeping it. It is really that simple - well for some of us. I do realize there are those opposed for other reasons. Maybe they are not so much opposed to success as much as they dont have the income for it.

Klepsacovic said...

"Maybe they are not so much opposed to success as much as they dont have the income for it."
That's just fine, and so the rational response would be to not spend money in a shop. But opposing the existence of the shop is an opposition to success, it is them saying "Money should not matter." Which is a fundamentally anti-market, anti-success attitude.

Syl said...

I don't care for capitalism, as long as I get all the money.


(I just realize how very Swiss hat was of me, oh boy)

Gx1080 said...

Problem with your theory is that many, many "Free-to-Play" games tried to do that and they discovered that, well, there's isn't a point on playing a game if you can straight up buy power on said game.

So, is a short-term money grab, but online games are a long-term investment. Same with Life-time suscriptions.

Besides, is a lost of bragging rights about in-game skills. Which is one of the major hooks of online games, like it or not.

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