How carebears have ruined WoW

| Thursday, November 18, 2010
This post will contain nothing but facts, so if you disagree, it's because you hate facts and American and are therefore a Communist. Europeans, you can just move along right now, along with anyone not from real America.

Rogues thrive on world PvP. By world PvP I mean people who are either afk or at half health while fighting ten mobs. With the addition of guards and sanctuary cities, rogue PvP became harder, but thanks to vanish could still be done. Then came flying mounts. By the time Blizzard added teleports to instances, rogues were all switching to sword specialization in order to get the highest possible DPS. While commuting seppuku.

This lack of world PvP also hurts everyone else. With a safe, carefree, or should I say, carebear, world, no one has to pay any damn attention. Situational awareness has plummeted. When players fall out of the habit of spinning their camera and character in circles to watch for rogues, or on some days, warlocks who will fear you into even more mobs, it's not a surprise that they also lose track of things like adds, fire, and adds on fire.

But how does world PvP come back? Simple: make it.

The fact is that world PvP cannot be based on any sort of encouragement or positive effect. Small rewards didn't make sand, I mean Silithyst, any more fun. Significant rewards will only work for a short time, until we outgear them and no longer care. There is only one way to cause world PvP: give us no other choice. Put summoning stones in vulnerable locations, such as anywhere, and make it impossible to summon from outside to inside an instance. Remove teleporting to dungeons. While you're at it, put a bunch of instances all in the same area so that inevitably players will run into each other. Or at least so rogues will run into them.

Getting chain-ganked by rogues also hardens players, giving them the strength to deal with wiping continuously for hours on end. After all, I've killed some bosses in less time than it takes to run from Thorium Point to Blackrock Depths while a raid is gathering for Blackwing Lair.

Carebears have also ruined gathering. It used to be that a mineral node was a serious deal. People might fight for days over a regular thorium node, until finally someone won Alterac Valley. Gathering used to be hardcore. Dismounting to mine or pick herbs meant you were vulnerable to someone else coming along to kill you. Now everyone is spread out and not flagged. The greatest happiness came when I switched back to PvP and got into the habit of killing anyone who even dared to glance at my ore.

Carebears encourage bots, leaving them free to bot away at bot activities such as botting. If instead they were killed on sight... Let me put it this way: I started this post talking about hating America and Communism and here's where it ties in: bots. The economic growth in China is not due to stealing jobs. It's due to stealing spawns. That's right, bots and gold sellers in WoW account for over 75% of China's increase in GDP over the past five years. Kill the bots and we'll stop those damn Communists right in their tracks as they attempt to sell us gold at market prices.


Nils said...

As long as there is a PvE/PvP segregation in WoW, world-PvP does not make any sense.

Actually, as long as the first few seconds of a fight determine the outcome world PvP does not make sense, either.

With my T10 arcane mage I can put out 60k arcane blasts on non-resilience targets (=30k with 1600 resilience) during the first few seconds of a fight.

I can three-shot anybody. And anybody can three-shot me, of course. Three shots take about 4-5 seconds.

To have world PvP return, you need to merge PvP/PvE equip (not hard at all) and scale down damage drastically.. very drastically. All classes would need some ramp-up time for their dps.

But it's not gonna happen. If you complain long enough you might get a pet instead. Wouldn't that be great !?!?!!

Syl said...

there's no real PVP in wow outside the limited structure of battlegrounds and arenas. the game simply doesn't cater to this audience, the pvp servers are a sad excuse for proper open world pvp. there's neither true incentives nor systems installed in WoW for playstyles of such a fashion. it is at best an afterthought.

Quicksilver said...

WPVP died when flying mounts were introduced. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Organized PvP: fun and has rewards.
World PvP: fun and has no rewards.
Conclusion: ?

Vixsin said...

Clearly the solution is to deploy elements of the Faction Champs encounter out in the larger world. Make dailies truly dailies by having quest givers only be able to award one quest a day, to one person. Put tier and emblem vendors in PVP areas. Give greater honor points for killing opposing faction members in their own cities and zones. And whenever possible, add the rogue "uncloaking" sound file to as many places as possible, just to keep players on edge and expecting the insta-gib.

Unknown said...

Every class should get a slowfall spell and some of the abilities of each class should be usable mounted. There, I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

The recent nerf to the stunlock also means more rogues sulking in the dal sewers instead of ganking at quest hubs.

Ephemeron said...

EVE-O and Darkfall are that way, sir --->

Koch (Aszune) said...

A-ha! Luckily Blizzard has already heard your protest and decided to implement it. In a rough-shod fashion, surely, but it is done.

The trick is to ressurect random players at 1 hitpoint outside ICC after a wipe. Not everyone, mind you, and certainly not at predictable times.

This means rogues (and mages and .. well anyone with an instant attack that deals more than 1 damage) can now camp the graveyard in ICC. That'll teach the buggers to be more careful when to release. And to jump over the cliffside asap - because "they shall never get me alive!"

Lemmings and true Americans unite!

Dwism said...

Make paladins good at pvp. Everyone rolls paladin. So everyone will play pvp then. Then force people to have 75 world kills before they can enter arena.

And playing on pve realms should make you turn into a care-bear. Not just druids. Everyone. Because, only sissies don't want world pvp!!

I like how others are arguing for their points to this post. Real truthness needs no arguements!

Zoso said...

As a rogue I'm deeply worried about people being able to use flying mounts in the old world after Cataclysm. I therefore propose that rogues are given a new skill, "Radar Guided Grappling Hook Of Death", that automatically locks on to any flying enemy player in the zone, launches a grappling hook that yanks them off their mount, pulls them next to the rogue, causes massive falling damage due to the plummet and stuns them for 30 seconds (tell you what, make it a minute). Anyone who opposes the idea hates America.

Anonymous said...

I think they should create a secret police force of Rogues that are capable of PvPing anyone, anywhere and unleash them onto the servers to police and control it. You wouldn't be able to bad mouth them either incase one of them was secretly in your group! Perfect and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best fun I have had was holding onto a PvP quest on my PvE server.

PvP flagged characters are noob bait and I eat noobs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I always love it when someone is flying by, pauses to stare at me... I turn slowly, wave, then start running towards them.

I think they nearly fall off their mounts in fear and probably have to return to the bank to change their pants.

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