Goodbye, Scourge

| Monday, November 8, 2010
[date fail, lol]
With the coming cataclysm, it has occurred to me that a major story is almost over: the Scourge. It arose in Warcraft 3, when it was held back, barely. I suppose we won in the sense that Archimonde didn't destroy the world, but the aftermath was hardly pretty. Northern Eastern Kingdoms was wrecked and occupied by one or another undead faction. Based on their behavior I can hardly call the Forsaken a victory for Azeroth. We battled across the Plaguelands with many victories, but seemingly little progress. Even our defeat of Naxxramas only sent it northward to lay siege to an Alliance town. For some reason we ran off to Outland and seemed to forget about the Scourge, only to return when it assaulted our capitals. We survived, barely. So we went to Northrend and battled through one evil after another before finally killing Arthas and seeing Bolvar become the new Lich King as the Jailor of the Damned. The Scourge is finally defeated.


We have new enemies. Or enemies we've faced it before, but now as our primary focus. The Old Gods and their elemental minions. The Black Dragonflight led by Deathwing. Who knows what else will arrive to ruin the day. Meanwhile the Horde is torn apart by internal divisions while the Alliance finds itself under direct and outright attack by the Forsaken.

It's a strange new world. It's going to take getting used to.The cults will have new names and new leaders, but in the end we can rest assured they have only the most vile of intentions. Somethings never change.


caerphoto said...

So wait, Naxxramas was... merely a setback?

Mister K said...

One day the vile intentions of kitties and puppies will get a raid but The Old Gods will have to do for now :)

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