Laying Bare the Bear Threat

| Monday, November 15, 2010
It's time we got some objective, quantitative evidence. It's time our fear-mongering had the selective statistics to back it up. It's time for massive charts to scroll past in search of one single number that we can use to measure how afraid we should be. It's time, for you to scroll down really far so I can tell you what to think after pretending to give you the facts.

Zone Bears Furbolgs Either
Alterac Mountains Yes No Yes
Arathi Highlands No No No
Ashenvale Yes Yes Yes
Azshara No Yes Yes
Azuremyst No Yes Yes
Badlands No No No
Blades Edge Mountains No No No
Blasted Lands No No No
Bloodmyst Isle Yes Yes Yes
Borean Tundra No No No
Burning Steppes No No No
Crystalsong Forest No No No
Darkshore Yes Yes Yes
Deadwind Pass No No No
Desolace No No No
Dragonblight Yes Yes Yes
Dun Morogh Yes No Yes
Duskwood No No No
Dustwallow Marsh No No No
Eastern Plaguelands No No No
Elwynn Forest Yes No Yes
Eversong Woods No No No
Felwood Yes Yes Yes
Feralas Yes Yes Yes
Ghostlands No No No
Grizzly Hills Yes Yes Yes
Hellfire Peninsula No No No
Hillsbrad Foothills Yes No Yes
Howling Fjord Yes Yes Yes
Icecrown No No No
Isle of Quel'danas No No No
Loch Modan Yes No Yes
Moonglade No Yes Yes
Mulgore No No No
Nagrand No No No
Netherstorm No No No
Searing Gorge No No No
Sholazar Basin No No No
Silithus No No No
Silverpine Forest Yes No Yes
Stonetalon Mountains No No No
Stranglethorn Vale No No No
Swamp of Sorrows No No No
Tanaris No No No
Terokkar Forest No No No
The Barrens No No No
The Hinterlands No No No
Storm Peaks No No No
Thousand Needles No No No
Tirisfal Glades No No No
Un'Goro Crater No No No
Western Plaguelands Yes No Yes
Westfall No No No
Wetlands No No No
Winterspring Yes Yes Yes
Zangarmarsh No No No
Zul'Drak Yes No Yes

Yes 17 12 20
No 40 45 37
Ratio 0.425 0.267 0.541
Percentage 0.298 0.211 0.351
without Outland 0.333 0.235 0.392

Over 35% of zones have either bears, furbolgs, or both. That's over a third of the zones. While we may take some comfort in the fact that Outland is free of bears and furbolgs, that also means that in our native Azeroth, the ratio is even higher, reaching nearly 40%. In some areas the bears are even more deadly than normal, carrying the corrupting influence of the Scourge or Burning Legion.

Even if we could simply kill all of them, a difficult feat requiring major coordination, they would all come back, possibly in mere seconds.


Anonymous said...

Beating back the Beet threat?

Galactically battling Battlestar Galactica?

Rebecca said...

Awww, but bears are cute and cuddl-ARGH it's eating my face get it off get it off!

Anonymous said...

Steven Colbert, is that you?

Nikodhemus said...

Holy crap! And here I've been worried about Trolls!

Tesh said...

Bears are Tenacious and eat almost anything, too. Just ask any Hunter.

I hear they have big butts, too, but I'm usually more concerned with the pointy parts.

Anonymous said...

You must be bored.

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