Klepsacovic's Guide to Blessings

| Monday, February 1, 2010
I'm sure you won't believe this, but I once wrote something useful. Over a year ago. Since then I have slid into an abyss of worthlessness and stuff that isn't useful, while retaining my ability to write a lot through redundancy and repetition.

But it's true, I once wrote what must have been the greatest guide ever: Klepsacovic's Guide to Blessings. You can tell it was good because it was posted by a shaman and archived on the website of a company that used to sell gold.

I really enjoyed writing that. I got to take something I understood and present it in a way which might actually be helpful to new players who might not understand all the intricacies.

I'm not sure what happened to that. I suppose it's just an example of the death of the middle theoryclass. There used to be a time when a thriving middle class of theorycrafters could be moderately useful by turning what is otherwise indecipherable nonsense into something which a new player can understand. Or an old player who also had taken 3 years to figure out how to play. Buffing guides, leveling gear guides, these were the ways that your average player with too much time on his hand could have an impact. He didn't need to understand deep theorycraft. He didn't need to rip off results from Elitist Jerks and pretend to understand them, only to be totally outdated when the next minipatch fixes a bug and ruins everything.

Now it feels as if there's nowhere to be helpful except to either go down to the most basic level of "This is called mana. It is blue." or up to "If we take the proc chance on the new trinket and combine that with the glyph and the T7.82 bonus and calculate the probably combined uptime along with the relative stat weights, factoring in the increased damage added by exposure to pure math geekiness, we can see that in fact, spirit is the new best paladin DPS stat, when using a primarily holy build which picks up conviction and improved devotion aura to exploit the +healing negator effects tied to its interaction (which is to say none) with tree of life aura, producing a theoretical DPS of 125,927 per second."

Just so you're not confused, most of that previous paragraph was utter nonsense. Do not stack spirit and spec holy for paladin DPS. I am sure of this. For now. Quick, someone post a thread showing that with my current gear I'd get more DPS by wearing a shield, gemming for ArP and intellect, and getting pursuit of justice and runspeed on boots.

Now I go by whatever Rawr says, minus leather unless it's a huge upgrade and it would get sharded anyway. Stupid Ulduar boots. People laughed a bit when I asked if I could call need on them. Now who's laughing? Not me.

Where was I? Oh right, I was being nostalgic. Yep. Back in my day.

Did you know people once trolled the shaman forums by complaining about our AoE stun? That was a spin on how we all seemed to be tauren (all the good shamans at least) and had warstomp. I fell for it all the time. I also did Warsong Gulch constantly, died a lot, and tended to run way past the proper zone, and die more. I was pretty dumb back then. I wonder if anything has changed? Oh look, a thread complaining about ret paladins; I should go calmly explain my side of the debate, because I'm sure they're looking for alternative opinions to discuss.


LarĂ­sa said...

Honestly I never cared much for the guide-sort-of-posts anyway. Good riddance. Rants, opinions, experiences, stories from the game are WAY more interesting than combine-this-trinket-with-that-gem-posts. Imho.
The theory-stuff could easily be replaced with addons. Like Rawr. But true stories from the game can only be done by human beings.

Dwism said...

Unlike Larisa, I miss the class semi-hardcore guides.
Ensidia has some classes covered, and I love them. unfortunetly they don't cover all classes and speccs (what's up with having two guides for holy, and not one for Disc???)
Where was i? Oh right-
The reason I miss classguides, is that I have a lot of alts. Alts i hardly ever play.
So whenever I pick up my rogue, i cant remember anything about the poor girl dorf, other than "g" is sneak-mode.
So i spend hours looking for guides or tips on how you play rogues this year (as opposed to back in TBC). Don't laugh, no class ever plays like they did before. And unless you spend a lot of time making sure you understand the changes, pretty much at every patch, you fall behind.
For example: a year ago, holy priests was the greatest healing specc. Now only outdated nabs don't use disc.

Klepsacovic said...

@Larisa: All the bots would beg to differ. :)

@Dw-redux: This is true, I like having a source for alt info, since my usual method of "play it a while and figure things out" has resulted in some pretty terrible ideas. Like using distracting shot as part of my hunter's rotation. Thank god he's only 64 and as a DPS cannot find groups.

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