Self-Righteous Sunday: Love is in the Air

| Sunday, February 14, 2010

I did the holiday boss trio yesterday. The pet dropped. The winner immediately offered to sell it for 1.2k gold. Eventually he went down to 500g and said he was being nice.

I didn't think nice meant rolling need on something you don't want, just to sell it right back to us. I thought greed was for greed rolls.

Someone who already had the pet was rather critical of him. I don't remember if he had rolled or not. If he had, what was his plan, to only charge 400g?



This is the unloving, uncaring, unemotional PUG that Elnia spoke of.

What a glorious celebration of love! We steal and bribe and wish never to see each other ever again out of the belief that if we avoid that group we can avoid that sort of person while we carrying on being that sort of person and claim self-interest.

People turned into little goblins, went undercover on a quest. Then they went to Ulduar and farmed bracelets to sell. How art imitates life. An arbitrary holiday makes us feel compelled to do strange things, give strange gifts, in hopes of reward which may never be gotten and may be worth nothing at all; and someone finds a way to profit from it.

How appropriate for it to be depicted as a disease, a plague, a chemical agent sent out to weaken us, make us lambs to be slaughtered. We set out to cleanse ourselves of this, to destroy the source, and are rewarded with candy and slutty dresses. We do it again the next year.

We waited endlessly for candy, clockwork on the hour. Sometimes we didn't get what we wanted. We didn't like that. We don't wait anymore. We go to Ulduar.

Healers are nice people.
They might not love anyone, but they must love everyone.

My priest did her transmute and alchemy research. She made some cloth bolts. She queued for randoms and eventually left because of unresponsive idiots. No one listened to her.

Prayer of Mending is amazing.

We noticed in Nexus that the DPS warrior was afk following the mage. I tried to vote kick, but it kept saying I can't kick shortly after combat. Apparently a minute is shortly after combat. Eventually he came back after what was apparently ten minutes. Bad timing, since I'd just thought of several ways to get him killed since I couldn't kick him. I mention this and how 10 minute unannounced afks are for emergencies. Not smoking a bowl and "wtf guys why didn't you say anything on vent?" Smoke your bowl, I don't care. Go afk to do it, fine. Go afk for half the instance and leech xp the whole way. Fine! Just fucking say something, don't randomly vanish. I called him an inconsiderate ass, the 80 tank and lolret started defending him and then kicked me.


The person who doesn't go afk half the instance without saying anything is the one who gets kicked? I can be abrasive, but am I rude to anyone who hasn't already revealed himself to be a total jackass?

I requeued, got an instant group. Someone left the moment I joined. We didn't requeue. I asked about that and got promoted. I didn't understand how the other person found it easier to right-click me and promote to leader than to hit O and select "yes". We got a replacement. The tank ran straight into a pack of spiders and I got covered in the poison that increases mana costs. That pack can be avoided without any sneaking, you just have to not run headfirst into it. I left, frustrated and annoyed with humanity.

Perhaps I lack the unrelenting love needed to be a healer. Perhaps all the love has left everyone and is just floating in the air as a choking, mind-numbing perfume.


Dwism said...

I too felt the love, this season.
Although I lack the skills to put it so gracefully as you did.
I've noticed that "need on stuff then trade it" tendencies aswell. Only people usually handle it in trade with anyone else who needed on said item.
Its really sad.

On the plus side, I can buy the tank trinket in ICC, and use it for that raid, or that boss, and trade it back before the two hours are up and still save up for my next set-item.
That is brilliant!

Klepsacovic said...

That sounds like a bit of a cheat.

Anonymous said...

To heal is to play god/goddess.
We are omnipiant. Well not really, no one notices how bad a healer is untill people star dying anyways.

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