Razorscale with one and a half tanks

| Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Right after I did the Ulduar weekly on my paladin, in which someone started hardmode so we had to kill towers, I hopped on my DK. Aha, trade chat, just the place to see lf1m tank for ulduar. I'm on it!

Join, fly over, hop in a demolisher, and the other tank leaves. Dammit.

We start clearing the gauntlet while we try to get a tank.

Backtrack a moment: I talked to Brann first thing after I got it, just to be sure. No hardmode.

We start clearing and by the time we're at the trash that triggers FL, we've gotten a terrible idea: One tank and three healers. I like terrible ideas, so I decided, let's go for it.

Someone pulls FL trash before the new people get there. It comes out, we fight, it aggros on someone outside and resets. At least I didn't die. Someone pulls again. I didn't die. Clearly this is not going to go well.

FL dies smoothly once we're all there.

Now for the hard part.

The air phase was a fun challenge. I'd drop Death and Decay on one mole and use taunt and deathgrip to grab the other. Sometimes overzealous DPS would get aggro. Fortunately they were also high DPS, so we got her down permanently after only one flight back up. Time for fun.

I was disappointed to find that antimagic shell doesn't prevent the armor fuse. Makes sense, since that would be more than a little bit overpowered. With no offtank, I took all the stacks. And at 5 I was welded in place and an arms warrior ended up tanking her for 20 seconds or so. The healers did well and he lived. So did I.

Then I did it on my warrior, warning them that my gear wasn't amazing. The raid leader said they had good healers as long as I was in 200+. I was confused. That's a... perfectly reasonable level of gear to expect. Twilight zone stuff! We downed him with no problems. I got a new smashy hat. And was kinda burnt out from having tanked him three times in a row on three different tanks.

Not enough people showed up for ICC so we ended up doing ToC instead. I didn't win death's choice. I got outrolled on a tanking belt. I did get a trophy, so my tanking gloves are a little bit better.

What's gs?
My DK did a random, got UP again. Happens a lot to me. That and Oculus, which I actually like. The warlock was adorable. She hadn't played for 6 months and didn't know the new raids. Or what "gs" is. The healer and I were horribly distracted explaining things. We managed to wipe on the gauntlet boss.

Noob in VoA 10
Someone was looking for a tank for VoA10, so I volunteered my DK. They clearly were not gearchecking if I got in. Have I mentioned that I accidentally vendored my tanking boots a few days ago? That was my first time ever in there on a DK, so I got all the achievements. And some t8 DPS gloves off the wind guy. The raid leader had us kill every boss for mount chances. It did drop and he won the roll.


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