Raiding Stormwind

| Thursday, July 23, 2009
J: Let’s just do this the easy way.
K: We did the easy way. We did the hard way. Neither way worked.
J: Giving up?
K: No. I’m going to make a Stormwind raid.
J: You have never successfully made a PUG raid. Ever.
K: That’s not true.
J: Can you remember one?
K: Well, that one time we killed… Lucifron. And Mag.
J: And then?
K: We didn’t have enough mages or healers and the DPS was stupid, so we left.
J: Let’s do it the easy way. Step one: take off our gear.
K: No. I am not interested. No.
J: Step two: run into Stormwind and die near the water.
K: I don’t get it.
J: What?
K: One… two… fourth to last word.
J: Die?
K: Yea.
J: It’s like a hearthing, but instead of going to Dalaran you go to a graveyard. Also you’re invisible and can run faster than normal.
K: Sounds fun!
J: Oh yea, sometimes we get dozens of people together and all die together. We call it raiding.


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