The problem with grinds

| Sunday, July 12, 2009
Is noticing them.

The game I'd mentioned in my previous post, Escape Velocity, has a fair bit of grinding. The safe ways to make credits, and the only until you can afford a combat-ready ship, is to ferry trade goods between systems or to run delivery missions. It's a grind. Back when I first got it I had no concept of grind so it didn't seem all that bad. Since then I've learned of grinding and suddenly I found myself bored.

Alas, if only I didn't know I was supposed to be bored!

For all its negative effects, ignorance is so often bliss.
"Death solves all problems - no man, no problem." - Joseph Stalin
Ignorance solves all problems - no clue, no problem.


Fish said...

Depends on the grind. I remember when I was mid 60's and even into 70 on my Pally grinding Aldor rep to try to get to revered. I would take out the orcs in the middle of the bone wastes (the ones you can AoE), never got tired of it. I still don't. Killing 6 of them at once still feels pretty awesome. Yeah I get bored of it eventually, but it feels like more of an expression of awesomeness than "Go kill 10 rats"

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