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| Wednesday, July 22, 2009
A while back I started a second blog as a place to put ideas which were totally unrelated to WoW. It was a sort of place to put those random thoughts I'd get while bored at work or when my mind is just starting to go before sleep. Unfortunately it ended up degrading into just random crap and stopped being at all interesting.

The past month or so I decided I wanted to start it up again since I was finding that I had ideas again, but not all were related to WoW. I didn't want to shift this blog away from WoW/gaming/online topics since I'm pretty sure people don't read this for my thoughts on morality or philosophy or whatever. Along with relinking my other blog, I also went through and shifted almost all the posts to drafts, leaving only a handful which I felt were worth reading. So that's why it appears I only wrote a few posts over a year or so.

As a disclaimer, the posts are only intended to provoke thought. They aren't necessarily what I believe. I may even reach conclusions which I find to be wrong. The logic may well be imperfect and finding those flaws is a good thing (at least for you to be able to find them, not good that I didn't spot them first). My goal isn't to convert people or to advocate a particular perspective, so you may notice inconsistencies. This isn't to say that I will be neutral, I am human after all. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and as time goes on I hope to add some more posts and add back in some which I removed.

So here we are Delusions of Truth: I wonder what would happen if I sat down for coffee with a crazy man off the street.


Dwism said...

Looking forward to it :)

btw did you see this: blues recognise that trolls are overpowered!
(the original seems to be gone)
enjoy :)

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