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| Sunday, February 22, 2009
So much better than BC and far, far better than pre-300. I think it's from two changes, one of which may only be in my imagination.

Low enchants are useful. I didn't notice much demand for leveling enchants in BC except maybe AP. Now there are very good ones like icewalker and the cheap weapon enchants. Those seem to be popular because the next higher ones are maybe 10-20% better, but cost at least 4x as much. This might just be my imagination, forgetting useful low BC enchants.

Scrolls are probably the best thing ever for enchanting. I bought a stack of armor and weapon vellums and carry them around. As I get mats I enchant them and send them to a back alt. Here's the great part: they actually sell. Before I'd have to either waste mats re-enchanting my own gear, give them away: "enchanter lf work, free with your mats!", or hope guildies needed what I had. Now I make gold and level up.

How awesome is that, leveling and making gold at the same time? It's probably not a net profit since I'm not vendoring quest rewards, but at least it's not a gold sink. Only think I can think of that would be comparable is inscription since glyphs aren't ranked, they're all the best of their type, even if some are more or less useful overall.

[edit] Enchanting in general is very useful with other professions. My warrior (hit 74 Monday night, Dalaran ho!) is leveling BS and this results in a lot of spamming useless junk for skill. These are sent for DEing. Maybe I could do better vendoring and buying dust off the AH, but I like the idea of self-sufficiency even if it's less efficient. Cue arguments about global trade. :P


Kiryn said...

My main was an enchanter way back when pre-BC. I really hated enchanting back then and when I stopped playing her to move to Alliance side, I vowed I would never have enchanting on any character ever again.

But now that there are weapon and armor vellums, I'm leveling a new alt with enchanting and it's actually easy. I just have one of my lowbie characters gather some herbs, send them off to my main who makes some vellums and sends them to my enchanting alt. It works great.

Green Armadillo said...

Yeah, this is a place where enchanting inflation really helped out. I wasn't an enchanter when TBC rolled out, and was stuck with my level 60 gear for a pretty long time because I didn't want to pay to replace it. By the time Wrath happened, I'd swapped to tailoring and enchanting, which meant turning my cloth into more enchanting mats for skill points in two professions at once. And I actually got to use my quest rewards as I got them.

(The latter point makes enchanting onto scrolls better than inscription glyphs - players don't need to replace their glyphs every time they train a new rank of a spell.)

Fish said...

I've always DE'd my crafted stuff. I actually leveled my enchanting through the dream dust range with runecloth I got from soloing BRD. Yes, its a pain, and I do have to pay for runethread, but its cheaper than trying to buy the dust or find armor to DE.

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